As all of you know California is having a drought and we need rain badly. Today in the Central Valley we finally got much needed rain and it did not stop all morning!  In fact, it poured for eight hours without stopping.  I found out one thing, I have a sissy on my hands and her name is Libby. I guess she does not remember what rain is since it has been so long.  She absolutely would not go out to do either of her jobs!  At first when we got up at 6:00 am we thought she will get over this and the next time she just looked at us like "why are you out here" and refused to go.  As the day goes on I even stood out in the middle of our yard (getting soaked) thinking she would go out if I did. She all the while is sitting under the patio watching me with a “head tilt”. Probably thinking, my mommy is crazy.  So now I am getting worried because she has not done anything since 10:00 pm last night.  Wow, I have a little princess on my hands.  The look on her face was "no way, no how"!  So once again we came in and she bounces in like she has done something so perfect and wanted a treat!  NOT  Finally at 2:00pm it stopped raining and we took her out and she did both and came in so proud!  She hates rain and will NOT go out in it! What would I do in the snow???  I see all of your Doodles back East having a wonderful time and our little girl is afraid to even get wet!  Do any of your Doodles refuse to go out in the rain?

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  • Luca loves snow but yesterday's snow was so saturated with ice and water he wouldn't venture out. I shoveled a tint bit , the stuff was like cement, and he finally ventured out. He often won't go out til he's bursting if it's pouring.
    • Well that makes me feel a little better.  We have never had a dog that would not go out in the rain.

  • Oh wow!  Send some here to San Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got barely a sprinkle so far!

    • It was very nice to get it, although the valley needs much more than today's rain.  Libby was the only spoil sport about it:(

  • Your definately not alone. Lilly won't even think about going out in the rain. Gus on the other hand will run out turn around and look back with the why aren't you comng out to play. Funny thing is Lilly loves going out in the snow.

    • Maybe it is something with names that start with "L"!   LOL    Luca, Libby and Lily:)

  • Brisby likes snow on the ground but hates the feeling of rain or snow hitting him from the sky. Maybe she is like him? Glad you all got rain though!
    • Thanks Jenn we are happy about the rain.  It is so funny when they won't even get near it!  Especailly when so many love to swim in the ocean and pools.  Maybe it is the rain falling down on them, who knows??

  • Bentley & Porsche LOVE the snow but doNOT like the rain at all. Maserati is a crazy and loves it all. 

    • I am beginning to feel better about this!   Does Bentley & Porsche just sit and watch Maserati play in the rain?  I guess just like people, they have their likes and dislikes:) 

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