I'm on the waiting list for a litter, and just got some photos of the litter.  Maybe I'm waaay off base here, but I thought puppies are cute (?related to funny?) because there's usually some unexpected discordance between two features of the puppy.  For example, in general, I thought puppies were cute because they often look serious, and of course they don't have the memory or experience to take anything seriously. One of my friends thought puppies don't look serious.

I'm sure one person might think a puppy is cute, and another person will have a different opinion. 

What are your thoughts?

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  • On a whole I think most puppies are super cute and the reason they are is that when they are naughty, you just laugh and say - isn't he or she so cute!

  • Pretty much a baby anything is cute. I'm sure there are some exceptions, I just can't think of any. Their antics are so adorable. They are so much fun to watch.

  • I love looking at round rolypoly puppies and their awkward gait - adorable.

  • I think we are hardwired to think anything with a chubby body and big eyes is cute--so that we feel maternal and protective towards are babies--even when they have been crying for two hours straight....HA!

  • I like those ideas.

    I can see I like to look at these newborn puppies because they are so helpless.  I can't see much expression in their faces, but I guess they don't have much control over their muscles at that age.

    Do you think we like to watch puppies that are a little older because they don't try to mask their feelings like human adults learn to do?  Do you think many puppies have a serious or focused expression? I was surprised my friend said she hadn't noticed whether puppies have a serious expression.

  • Puppies are cute, all of them.  They just are.  I want to take care of them all.  Fortunately, my husband is made of sturdier material or I would be one of those " crazy dog) ladies! 

    I have read that mammals are hard-wired to want to nurture round,flat faces/heads as most mammal babies have round rather than oblong face or with a protruding nose,etc.  This is thought to explain the fact that it is not unusual for species to cross care for babies.  It also explains why baby snakes are not cute and are totally on their own when they are born.  I am not fond of snakes........in any size, ever.

    I think we humans have taken that hard wiring and add attached "cute" to it. 

    • I would agree. Good observation about the snake too. ;)
  • As the saying goes they are cute for a reason and a season. ;) If they weren't so darn cute, you probably wouldn't appreciate their naughtiness as much. ;)
  • Good points all!  Thank you!

    I don't find baby snakes cute at all either.  I think that's a great point.  We think baby elephants are cute, baby whales and baby rhinos are cute, even though they are really big and probably could hurt you should they choose.  Even baby alligators might be a little cute, if I was definitely protected from them.  Don't worry about me getting a baby alligator though.

    Yes, if we didn't find puppies cute, we wouldn't take care of them.  Thank you again!

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