I do not see many people on this site interested in Austalian Labradoodles.  Why?  ALDs are much more standardized as to size, coat, furnishings.  In addition many of the ALD breeders have become quite knowledgealbe about health testing, temperment testing, training and socialization in the first 8-10 weeks. I have checked and ALDs may be slightly higher priced but it is close and the darling puppy will hopefully live a decade or more.  So what am I not seeing? We have had three ALDs: Roo and Tigger and Murphy.  Tigger (13) and Murphy(3) are with us still.  ( Roo died at ten.) They have all been wonderful dogs.


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  • I have 2 ALDs and they are my preferred doodle for the reasons you mention. However when you rescue you take what they are. 

  • Breeders are still selling lots from what I can tell. I don't think there's a dip in the market for ALDs. 

    I think the "novel" doodles are reaching farther: bernedoodles, sheepadoodles, and the like. 

    • The sheepadoodles I really don't understand... sheepdogs are already shaggy it's so strange to me.  Only reason would be for a smaller dog and the chance to not shed I guess.  

  • I do know that many if not most ALD breeders still do ESN, which is a major deal breaker for many people. 

    • That's what did it for me.  That and the smaller size, we prefer larger dogs (Riley has converted us lol).

      There is a seemingly very solid ALD breeder in town but when I inquired about ESN she was very defensive and sounded offended that I would even question it.

  • You'd think that more people would be attracted to the reliability of characteristics of Australian Labradoodles. So many of the posts here on DK recently have been about new Goldendoodle owners being surprised by the unexpected coats of their puppies. The appearance of ALDs is much more predictable, and the other benefits described by Maryann are all plusses. 

    • Predictability is why people go for pure breeds to begin with.  But novelty and hype is what bring people to doodles.  

    • For us the unpredictable coat is part of the fun... but due to a lot of the marketing hype from some doodle breeders new dog owners have different expectations.

  • I've wondered the same, Maryann! Interesting to see the insights here and some of the psychology behind why we pick the doodles we do. Indeed it's such a personal decision.

    I'm waiting to bring home my first ALD, and for me the decision came down to consistency in breed standards, finding a breeder I really respected and knowing quite a few ALDs in my life who I adore. I also have some allergies and, for me, their coats have not been a trigger.

    Excited to see if some other ALD owners poke their heads out! ☺️

    • None of our three ALDs have bothered my husband who is quite allergic to some dogs.


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