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Our Wick is 10 weeks old and as you can see his coat/fur is straight.  Can anyone give me an idea if his coat will become wavy?  The breeder wasn't sure due to Wick being a pup of his first litter.

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Can you post a photo? His coat type is genetic.  But remember that since doodles are mixed breed dogs there are always genetic options that can show up even within the same litter. It's usually a better idea to choose a breeder who has done their research and knows more about doodles than saying 'it's a first litter.'

Look for a 'fan' of fur between the eyes.  That is usually an indicator of facial furnishings.

Looks like a flat-coated doodle to me.  Maybe a bit of wispy  hair on the body but I doubt he'll be "shaggy".

Here are pics of our former flat-coated mini goldendoodle doodle Luna when she was a puppy (and as an adult) and our current dog Riley (a bernedoodle) - still a puppy so no adult pics.  You can see how Luna's face looks more like Wick's and Riley's has a lot of fluff around the eyes. 

The great thing about Luna's flat coat was that it was low-maintenance :)  Didn't need brushing, didn't need clipping... just some minor trimming around the sanitary areas, tail and paws that I did myself.  I also used a furminator de-shedding tool during seasonal coat changes because there was hair absolutely everywhere :) 


Thank you, so much!  That was extremely helpful!

Wick is adorable. What he doesn't have that other flat coated goldendoodles I have seen is the ear set, so I wonder what he might look like as an adult. Wick's ears are flat to his head perhaps that indicates a different doodle look or perhaps that cute perky ear muscle isn't strong enough yet to look like the other flatcoated goldendoodles I've met. As with so many doodles there is lots and lots of change between puppyhood and adulthood.  I can't wait to see how he develops and grows.

Did you meet the parents? What did they look like?

Thanks for posting a photo.

What generation Doodle is he? F1, F2, F1b? What breed were his parents? From just that one photo it is difficult to tell anything. Do you have any other photos? I have what is known as an “open faced” Doodle, which simply means she has no facial furnishings. Here are her puppy and adult photos. Puppy photo is about 18 weeks old: 

She's gorgeous!  She looks like an angel!

Awww, thank you! She is a very sweet "angel".



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