•  14 months or 14 weeks?  If she's 14 months this is probably her adult look.  

    14 weeks you can expect her hair to fill out more as she ages but it doesn't look as fluffy as her body.

    Do you have a closeup picture of her face?  I am having a hard time figuring out the hair pattern on her muzzle area.

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    • Hmm the hair at the front of her muzzle looks unfurnished, it may not fluff out.  It looks to be a completely different type of hair than the rest of her face.  

      This is our straighter-haired bernedoodle Riley at about the same age, you can see the hair up by her nose was already pretty long.  Don't mind the "bed head' she had been napping lol.


      and to compare this is our first doodle Luna at 14 weeks - her muzzle looked like the front of your pup's muzzle.  It never got fluffy.


      • They are both adorable. Love the bed head.  Lol! Yes I am guessing her nose will stay unfurnished, so hard to tell. 

    • I think it's going to grow.  Her cheeks and between her eyes there are furnishings.  I think it's pretty rare for only the end of the nose to not be's going to fluff out.

      • Maybe!  I can't remember who it was but I remember someone around here has a doodle with their muzzle only partly furnished... or it was as a puppy anyway.

        • It was my doodle! I'm just patiently waiting, hoping it gets fluffed out 

          • Oh how old is your baby?  
            They look very similar

            • She is currently 16 weeks. I will attach a photo of her at 9 weeks and then now, 16 weeks. 9926321894?profile=RESIZE_930x9926322661?profile=RESIZE_930x

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