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Banner is 8.5 weeks old today! He has already changed a lot since we chose him at 5 weeks and brought him home at 7. He is an F1b standard doodle (mom a goldendoodle, dad a parti standard poodle) and he had some of the straightest hair of his litter (he’s one of 11! 3-4 of the puppies look similar to Banner the others are extremely doodley). I’ve included pictures of him from today. He’s developing a stripe of wavy hair down his back, his ears have been extremely curly since we picked him at 5 weeks but his facial hair is pretty straight, though I may be seeing signs of furnishings beginning to sprout on his nose? (Or maybe I’m crazy). His tail curls and the hair is beginning to fan out. It also is feathering on his legs. His back and body are still just a big wispy puff besides the stripe down the middle. What do you think? Will he ultimately doodle? Or will he look more like a retriever (which is only 25% of his genetics).

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I think he will doodle with the exception of his face.  I'm not sure about that.  He could have a smooth face.  It is really hard to tell when they are young.  They change so much.  He is adorable though.

He's just so young, that it's pretty hard to tell.  From the photos, it doesn't look like he will have the facial furnishings - just my opinion.

To me it looks like "scruffy" body hair but a smooth face and legs (but maybe some feathering on the legs).  

What a cutie! My doodle Teddy is an F1 not and F1b which I believe would make him more prone to looking like a retriever than Banner since the percentages were technically in his favor. When we initially got Teddy, he had VERY little facial furnishings and extremely straight hair.  As he grew, his hair continued to lengthen and his leg hair seemed to stop growing, making him look like he had a full body with very skinny legs. During this odd stage, he also began to develop a stripe down his back. It was darker and wavier than the rest of his coat. It eventually began to spread, and though a lot of people complain about their doodles getting lighter, ours actually got a little darker. Needless to say at 8 months, he has finally "doodled" out and grew facial furnishings and hair on his legs. He continues to change day by day. He is now a scruffy looking teenager. I attached some pictures to show you his progression, but I have a feeling yours will be much curlier than Teddy given that his ears are curly? But you just never know!


Update on Banner! Could he be trying to doodle?? He’ll be 12 weeks old tomorrow!

His socks and tail tip make him so adorable. I don't think he will have a curly or wavy coat with facial furnishings. Some goldendoodles have a distinctive and similar look - a smooth coat and face with perhaps a few waves, a high ear set with fluff,  looking much like a miniature golden retriever to some people, but most definitely like a doodle to  us doodle people.  I think Banner will join that group.



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