Hi everyone! 

My first time posting here, but after reading so many of the discussions and seeing just how many of you are knowledgeable in this area, I thought it would be worth it to post! 

I got my girl Frankie about 3 weeks ago, she is 11 weeks now. She was the runt of the litter and quite a bit smaller than her litter mates but seems to be just fine. I am wondering – will she grow to have a fluffier face? Maybe not a full face of hair but at least a beard? I love her either way and wouldn't go back regardless, but do love the typical facial furnishings of the doodles! 

She is quite fluffy on the body, legs seem to be getting fluffier too... but not so much on the face! I am noticing some wispy hairs on the back and belly (almost if she was rubbed with a balloon and staticky – haha best way I can explain it!) I've wondered if she could be a late bloomer given that she was the tiniest of her litter. I've seen some incredible transformations on here of pups that look similar to my Frankie who do grow a beard and others who do not. Is it all a guessing game?! Give me your best guess! 

Here she is at 9 weeks: 
And here she is at 11 weeks: 


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  • It's hard to say. I'm going to guess that she has an open face and will not have furnishings, but sometimes they do surprise you.
    She looks very sweet. 

    • I don't want to wish the puppy months away but I'm just so eager to see!

  • I really don't have a guess other than maybe????  Not helpful I know.  Be sure to keep posting her photos as she grows.  We might have a better guess in a few more weeks.

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