Hi everyone! Meet my new baby 'Quirky'!! She is a standard F1 Goldendoodle. Her dad is a red poodle and her mom is an English cream retriever! We live in Toronto, Canada.

I was just wondering if anyone could help me figure out if she will doodle out? Everyone keeps telling me that she looks exactly like a retriever puppy. Will she slowly get facial furnishings? I am attaching her pictures when she was 4 weeks and now that she is 9 weeks old!

Just looking for some positive encouragement :)


Quirky at 4 weeks old:


Quirky at 8 weeks old:



Quirky at 9.5 weeks old:

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  • I think she's on the edge... I think I see a little furnishing.  She doesn't have the tightly crimped ears so I think she's going to look wispy at least...maybe!


    • I'm with Adina.  Facial furnishings are a maybe.

    • Same here, I'm in the "maybe" camp.  She doesn't look 100% flat coated to me, maybe wispy or "scruffy".

  • What a cutie pie! I think she'll have a wavy coat and be a very beautiful doodle! Wavy coats are much easier to care for. I've had a wavy doodle and a very curly one. The curly none was much more time-consuming. Enjoy!

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