Hi everyone! We are picking up our mini goldendoodle girl next week! Her mom is an F1, and her dad is multi-gen. Since you all have the experience with doodles and this is my first, I am hoping to get some opinions on what she might look like as an adult. Do you think there is any chance she could have a flat coat, or will she be wavy? I know there's no way to know for sure, but hoping for some guesses! :) She has a few tiny waves between her eyes, but her body seems straight. She's definitely one of the straightest in the litter.

Breeder's picture at 2.5 weeks: 


Breeder's picture at 3.5 weeks:


Breeder's picture at 4 weeks:


Pictures from our visit at 5.5 weeks:







Breeder's picture at 6 weeks old:


Parents are below (F1 mom on the left top/bottom, muti-gen dad on the right top/bottom)


Breeder is Peters' Puppies for credit for all of the pictures that aren't mine! 


Note: I tried to post this in the Pup to Adult group, but am unable to post in the forum. If I can figure it out, I will definitely repost there and post updates as she grows up for others to learn from. :)

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  • Tons of furnishings, definitely not flat coated. She will be wavy to curly.

    • Thank you! I know what furnishings are, I just never know how the spot them on a pup, so thank you. :) Does this lower the likelihood that our dog will be a shedder, or is that completely separate?

      • It's somewhat separate but straighter coated dogs tend to be more likely to shed and curly dogs are less likely to shed.  You can still get a curly coated dog that sheds though and a less curly dog that doesn't shed or sheds very little.

        Our Riley is double coated and her top coat is wavy/curly and doesn't shed (as far as we can tell) but her undercoat sheds moderately.  

        Here's a recent pic of her so  you can see how curly she is and still sheds:


        Our previous dog Luna was a flat-coated goldendoodle and was double coated and BOTH coats shed heavily since the hairs were so short (fell out frequently as they grew out).

        Enjoy your new pup!

        • Thank you SO much for all of this information! I never would have guessed that your Riley would be a shedder, but it is super informative. I learned so much from your post and really appreciate you taking the time to respond!! 

  • My guess is wavy not straight and not very curly. Wavy is easy to keep up. My wavy doodle's coat grew out to 8 inches before I decided that was too much work to keep up but she was GORGEOUS! Enjoy your pup, she looks darling! 

    • Oh, that's great to hear! Wow - 8 inches - that must have been a beautiful coat! I'd love to see a picture, do you have one? And thank you!!

      • Here's Riley as a puppy when I was keeping her coat longer.  It was too much daily brushing after a while though and now it's just a few inches long.


        • She is beautiful!! I am very impressed that you maintained it out to 8 inches!

  • Adorable!  Doodley looking.  My guess is wavy to curly.

    • Thank you! I'm crossing my fingers for that but will love her either way. :)

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