3757086829?profile=RESIZE_710xMy mini F1 goldendoodle was the smallest of the litter. She is 15 weeks and weighs almost 7lbs. I'm just curious if you think she will doodle out or not? She doesn't have much hair on her legs or tail (more of the golden retriever trait) and no facial furnishings really! Please let me know what you think! 

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  • I don't know why they are sideways but here is another picture A29A96A2-CAEF-421C-A7CB-06DA0EE2EE5B.jpeg

  • My computer security is blocking me from looking at your photos, it says that it is a known dangerous site. Something like Topology?
    So I can't really look at the link you gave, but from the photo above, which is hard to see because of the tilt, your pup already has furnishings. 
    My guess is that she is going to have a straight, long shaggy coat (which IMO is the cutest of all the doodle looks) and she is most likely going to be a shedder to some degree. 

    • Thank you. I'm new here and not real familiar with uploading pictures on this site. I have an iPhone and just tried to upload them via mobile since most of my pictures are on here. I'll see if I can attach another one. It just seems she has so much fur/fluff on her body but not as much on her poor little legs. She does shed some that I've noticed! 

      • 3757124204?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • That's pretty common for the fur on an F1's legs to be thinner and wispier than the fur on the body. 
          But she definitely has furnishings. 

          • Thank you :) I was just curious! 

  • I can totally see being able to grab fur on her face--totally furnished!  

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