Will this pup doodle out??

Hey all! I have to choose my puppy from the litter very soon so I'm posting here to get thoughts on how this goldendoodles coat will turn out? hes a 4 & a half week old F1B mini goldendoodle, his mom is a F1 mini goldendoodle and his dad is a red miniature poodle
Any help or predictions on his coat outcome for puppyhood into adulthood would be great!
Here are some pictures and a video of the little dood:) seemed like Imgur was the best bet since each image on here would be uploaded separately:


Thanks in advance!


P.S here's the other pup I'm picking between, I originally wanted a darker color but hes really sweet and I liked him a lot too. I have a good guess of how he'll turn out compared to the first pup but any thoughts on how his coat color will come in?


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  •  The second one has a much wavier curlier coat and definite furnishings. Less likely to shed and more predictably "doodle-y" looking.
    The color of these puppy's coats at 4.5 weeks old have almost no relationship to what they will be as an adult, no matter what the breeder tells you. So don't pick by color.

    • Do they still tend to lighten/fade more as they age though? 

      • It depends on several factors, including genetics, and it's very hard to predict. But if you had to put some serious money on it, the safest bet would be that the dog is going to get lighter. 

        • Ahh okay thank you! Any idea how the first pup will turn out? 

          • Shaggy, straighter coat, looks to have furnishings but we can't be sure at this age. The coat may get wavier, but it's likely going to shed some. I would expect the color to fade considerably, but that's just a guess.

  • 4 weeks is often too early to choose a puppy with any degree of certainty as to coat or behavior. It's not really right that your breeder makes you choose so early. Have you seen a photo of all the puppies in the litter? 
    mate the two you are considering very different from the others?  We recently had a new member here who had to choose her puppy early on and  it was obviously NOT the puppy the breeder tried to give her at 8 weeks. This left me very leery of many breeders. 

    • Yes I went to play with them all the other day, here's another picture of the first pup seems like he's grown a bit more fur in the 2 days since I've seen him8858068260?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • This one is my favorite.  Unless you are dead set against possible shedding, of the two, this one grabs my heart. I prefer straighter or wavy coats for no reason.  I see the 'chrysanthemum' at the top of the muzzle = like a flower of fur.  This usually denotes that the pup will have facial furnishings. 

        • Yeah me too! This one was definitely the "alpha" of the litter I think, he didn't immediately come to cuddle me but moreso laid at my feet whereas the second one came and jumped in my lap first chance it got, was super goofy. It's a tough decision for me as I really would like one that is cuddly for therapy reasons, but even with a wavy coat will it shed a lot? and just because the one day I visited he was a bit distant does that mean anything? Its the first time I'm picking out a puppy and have to choose tomorrow, I'm a little stressed about it to say the least haha

          • Doodles are mutts so there is NO guarantee about shedding or not shedding. :-}  I have three doodle boys - one we got as a puppy from a breeder, is a non-shedder with a very poodly coat which is VERY high maintenance.  He is not a cuddler. He is a nosy guy so has to follow me to check out what I'm doing, but he is very independent and confident.  My second guy is a shelter boy who sheds a lot! His coat is straight to wavy. I think he is the most handsome of my three.  He is friendly, loves to be petted but doesn't want to be in your face all of the time.  My third doodle boy is  what you call a re-home.  He has a very thick straight/wavy coat and is a non-shedder.  He is the most loveable boy on earth and loves nothing more than to be next to you or on your lap.  It's just his nature to be so loving (has to be because we are his 4th owners). 

            At 4 weeks, personalities are not always apparent.  What you see on one visit may not be what you'd see on another visit.  If your breeder is close and let's you, I'd drop by as often as you can at different times to see if the two dogs continue to be the lap cuddler and the foot warmer. If you NEED the dog to be a therapy dog (as in go to senior facilities or hospitals or schools), whichever one you choose may disappoint you. Both of my first two doodles could have passed the test to be therapy dogs, but they would not have enjoyed it.  If you want a dog to be a special companion dog to you, you simply need to choose the dog that you want and you will bond and accept whatever personality it has.

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