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Hi everyone!! I'm a newer user so I'm not sure if I'm posting this correctly, so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong.

Willy is a 8 month old mini golden doodle. He weights 25 lbs. He eats orijen puppy food and had whipworms (he didn't have any symptoms) in July but was treated and had a negative fecal sample about a week ago. About two weeks ago, we saw him scoot a few times but this behavior went away so we didn't think it was important.

Two days ago, we noticed Willy stopped eating as much as usual. He would take a few bites of food but not eat much. This had continued, until tonight when he gobbled down his 1 cup of orijen, and we gave him an extra 1/4 cup because he was acting very hungry and he hadn't eaten in a while.

About 10 minutes ago, he threw up. I wasn't personally there, but I heard it was "quite a bit." He has been having normal poops and behavior for the past few days, and still currently. 

The vet is closed right now, and we are new dog owners. Is this normal? What would you suggest doing right now?

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Also, I forgot to mention it his throw up looked like his dog food.

Okay, so when the food comes up looking like it did when it went in, that's regurgitating rather than vomiting. It means the food never got very far along in the digestive process. 
There is no way that anyone here (or anywhere else on the internet) can know what the problem is. The sudden lack of appetite combined with the regurgitation makes me think that he may have ingested something that isn't digestible and is sitting in his GI tract. This does not mean an obstruction. A dog can eat a non-food item (a sock, a rock, a toy, a barrette, etc) and it can just sit there, not blocking anything. But it can make them feel nauseated and interfere with digestion.  This can even happen with certain types of bones. 
I don;t think this is something that can't wait til tomorrow, but you really do need to get him to a vet tomoroow a.m.
In the meantime, I'd encourage water drinking to prevent him from becoming dehydrated, but I would not offer any more food til you see the vet. And I would ask for an Xray. 

Thanks so much!! We have held off on the food and will call the vet in the morning.

I could be totally off with this, but I run the Food Group here, and there have been a number of doodles with these same symptoms caused by eating something they shouldn't have. The only way to know for sure is to do an X-ray. 
Please let us know what the vet says. 

Thank you!! Yes, I understand that ANY advice online doesn't replace a vet's and that you guys can't see him in person :) I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. Thanks again!

This morning, we talked to the vet, and explained what Willy's symptoms were, and she said that it could be that he ate something inedible, and she said she didn’t think it was necessary to make an appointment yet. She also said we should start feeding him a bland diet and to keep a very close eye on him, and if anything seems out of the ordinary or if he regurgitates again then we should make an appointment or take him to the ER. He seemed totally normal this morning and we will take him if he shows any more signs of sickness.

Okay, so your healthiest option for what the vets call a "bland diet" is a 50/50 mixture of boiled white meat chicken cut very finely and either plain white rice or cooked mashed sweet potatoes. I prefer the sweet potatoes for dogs on a grain free diet. You can also use very lean (85% or better) cooked ground beef with all fat drained in place of the chicken. The vets will often try to sell you Hill's i/d or something similar, but that's just very expensive garbage. 
I'm glad he's better today and I hope that continues. Please keep us posted. 

Thanks so much! The vet told us to use white rice and plain chicken, so that's what we're planning on making. I really appreciate all of the help, and I'll keep you updated!!

Sounds like a good vet. :)

Okay, so after the first incident, Willy was back to normal, and he stayed on his bland diet for a few days. Now, we have transitioned him back onto his kibble and he is doing great! Thank you all so much for your help!!!

I hope he continues to do well and this was just an isolated incident. 



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