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Our member, Lynda Kamrath, has started a new business in the past year where she prints photos onto canvas. She would like to give away a free canvas print to one lucky winner! Photos are printed on canvas, mounted with a gallery wrap, and shipped to your home address. Finished size is about 15 x 20 inches.

Here are a couple photos of what the finished product will look like:

To enter for your chance to win your doodle(s) photo on canvas, you must respond to this announcement by posting a photo and writing a few words that answer the question:

"How did YOUR doodle beat the heat this summer?"


Your response to the contest discussion must contain:
1) Photo of your doodle(s) EMBEDDED **INTO the discussion (not an attachment to your response) -- if you don't have your doodle yet, well...use a photo that makes sense. If you aren't sure how to insert a photo into a response, click here for instructions!! I would love ALL members to learn how to do this so nobody has to add photo attachments at the bottom of their posts when sharing photos.

2) A few words to tell us about how your labradoodle or goldendoodle or (___adoodle) beat the heat this summer

3) BOTH the photo and your text need to be in the SAME response (not separated into two responses). NOTE: Try, if you are able, to resize your photos (if they are larger than 600 pixels) so they don't take forever to load.

4) Only ONE entry per member.

5) Contest will end on Sunday, Sept 20th at NOON, Pacific Standard Time.

DETERMINATION OF WINNER: The winner will be determined out of all entries via a drawing at the end of the contest time. The photo you use in your response does not have to be the photo you have printed onto canvas. The photo for the actual prize will be decided upon between you and Lynda.

Thanks Lynda for your generosity and GOOD LUCK everyone!!!

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Our doodles beat the heat by swimming @ Lake James, they LOVE their boat rides

Max The Labradoodle beat the heat this summer by giving boat tours on his boat in Lake Michigan.
Max The Labradoodle beat the heat this summer by giving boat tours on his boat in Lake Michigan.

Barney beat the summer heat by playing at the beach with his friends.....He's the doodle on the left.....

Monet comes out at night to cool off...
Shiloh beat the summer heat while romping on the beach at Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Michigan

Here's a photo of Annie, my ASD Labradoodle. We live in Lake Havasu City, AZ and the temp can get up to 120 in the summer. We have a pool and Annie will sometimes join Harley, my other ASD Labradoodle for a swim in the pool! She also loves to go boating with us on the lake and will take a dip with us to cool off!

We got our AussieDoddle,Truffles, at the beginning of August, when she ws 10 weeks old. She loved to cool off in her pool, with my 3 kids playing along side.
I love this picture. I can't believe how much Ruby looks like our Gracie!! My first thought was--who took this picture of Gracie because I didn't!!
Oliver played ball on the cool & wet sand of the beach to beat the heat!

We didn't have much heat this summer to worry about. Jewel, Willow and the puppies enjoyed the nice but not hot weather.



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