Riley is 100% a winter-loving dog. Over the last few days we have had our first "big" snowfall and she is ecstatic!  

She keeps asking out, seemingly very urgently... only to lie down immediately to hang out in the snow.

The season of picking snowballs out of her paws has begun!


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  • Jasper comes from Minnesota and also LOVES snow! We got a little bit the other day and he was ecstatic. Alas, it is now melted and we have had rain for days. I sooooo prefer snow to rain, it is just so much cleaner when you have dog paws tracking in and out of your house! 

  • Oh, and Google "Fou Fou Dog Snow Pants", they make some great "legs only" snow pants that really help prevent the snowball legs. 8214783061?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Jasper is adorable.  I can't see us using dog snow pants though, DH has a huge aversion to clothing on dogs lol.  Luna wore boots but that's about as far as her "clothing" would go.  

      Riley gets snowballs just being let out in the yard to pee, especially when she does things like randomly lie in the snow...

      I'm getting a set of clippers as soon as I can make up my mind about which ones, I think I'll try to keep her feet trimmed up shorter this winter.  Not quite "clean feet" but at least the bottoms.  I'll keep her legs a bit shorter than body as well.  She's in full "yeti" mode right now which certainly isn't helping the snowball situation.


      • I bought some waterproof leggings for Milo's front legs because he grows in a way that leads him to pee on his front legs about every 2 weeks...he grows tall and then long...and then tall and then  I think his ultimate destiny is tall and that will be a peeing challenge.  I only put them on in the morning when his bladder is most full and spray control might be the wildest ;-) LOL  But as often as my dogs like to go out, there's no way I have the desire to dress and undress that often.  


      • That's not Jasper, LOL!
        It is a relative, though. :)

        • I looked at that picture and squinted and looked at it again, and said "that's not Jasper!" But that dog has beautifully groomed toenails. I trim and I trim and I trim and I can't get the quick to pull back to get them that short. I've read that you have to just barely nick the quick to get it to die so it pulls back and then you can get them shorter, but I'm too afraid to hurt them. And they don't hate having their nails done. They're wiggly, but mostly cooperative. I don't know how people get them that short!

          • Riley has a couple nails that are jet black and they are so hard to trim!  Her others are white or at least white with a black stripe and it's so much easier to see the quick. 

      • Most recent picture of Jasper. :)

        • PHEW!

        • Haha, thank goodness.  I thought you had abandoned the teddy bear cut and was sad!

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