10157402301?profile=RESIZE_710x10157402285?profile=RESIZE_710xHi! Wondering how my puppy, Hemingway will look as an adult. He’s an F2B and currently at 3 months and I’m wondering if his snout hair will grow or how his coat will turn out. I've heard he has a wire coat and is unfurnished. Anyone out there with similar coat as puppies and current pics to share? Appreciate current any feedback😁


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  • Whoever told you he is unfurnished doesn't know what "furnishings" are. I'm guessing you don't either, lol, or you wouldn't need to ask. He has tons of furnishings. That IS the long hair around his muzzle (pigs have snouts, dogs have muzzles), between the eyes, and above his eyes, and it will grow along with all the rest of his fur. Goldendoodles don't generally have "wire coats", Breeds like Airedales and Scottish Terrioers have wire coats. And flat coat??? Seriously? With all those long waves? Labs have flat coats.  Hemingway's coat looks pretty curly and will probably get curlier.

  • He's furnished with a lovely looking coat. Will he shed- probably to some degree.  He's gorgeous. 

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