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Hey guys I am new here. I have an F1B Labradoodle (3/4 poodles 1/4 lab). To me she looks more lab and her hair is pretty straight.

So I am wondering what her adult coat will look like? What do you guys think?

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I don’t know how to add pictures to the thread?

At the top of the comment box there is a little picture attachment button (looks like a mountain)

Strange, I don’t see anything. Maybe it’s because I am on my mobile.

Okay, I had to use my desktop to load some pics. Here they are!


Your puppy looks very doodlish! Maybe wavy?

She will likely get more curl in her adult coat.  She's very cute. How old is she in the photos?

This will make it easier for folks to see what your cutie looks like. 

She is 8 weeks and 10 weeks.. and thank you!
Sorry pics are 8 weeks and 10 weeks old

She is adorable! Already that wavy with her puppy coat! You'll have so much fun watching the changes as her adult coat comes in.



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