I bought a dog bed...she won't use it!!! I see people who have said their doodles prefer the cold tile floor. Some say right out of the box, they LOVE their bed!  Ours will lay on the dog bed for a while and then get off to go to the carpet or tile. She is discoloring the carpet!! My husband won't let her on the couches or beds except my daughters bed...  so it's not like she is snoozing in chairs or on the sofa!  Do I give it more time, exchange for a different fabric or return the bed and forget about it?  I thought with her bad hips, the dog bed would be a better place than the hard carpet .

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  • What kind of bed is it?  You might find they like it at certain times and not others.  Rosco LOVES his first thing in the morning, but not throughout the day.
  • My entire townhouse is hardwood and tile, so I have a few dog beds for my Abby. One downstairs in the living room that she will lay on if she's snacking on a bully stick or something. But when it comes to sleep, my little girl won't sleep in bed with me. I guess it is too hot for her. She prefers to be on the hardwood floor. I am sure it is cool for her, but I too worried about her hips. So I got her a Cool Bed. It is a waterbed for dogs. There is a memory foam type insert inside the bed, so when you fill it with water it has a good cushion for their joints. Also, it stays whatever the room temperature is. So she is nice and cool through the night. I live in Florida, so this is a good thing!

    Here's more info: http://www.khmfg.com/cool-bed-iiitm.html

    They are relatively inexpensive. I found the large size on Amazon for $42. 

    • cooper had one of theses, she loved it, but then it started to leak after a year and she wouldnt use it

  • Both of my dogs prefer the cold, hard floor in the warmer months. I have so many dog beds in our house and they use them for a bit and then move somewhere else or to the floor. Their favorite dog bed is a cheapie I bought at Target and if I try and put a blanket or something on it to make it softer, they push it aside. Vern loves the Coolaroo bed to roll on and dig on, but he never sleeps on it. How is your dog discoloring the carpet? Just curious! Maybe if you leave it out, she will eventually start to like the bed.

  • We went through several beds when Monty was growing up. Most of them ended up being donated to a local shelter. The only one he loves is the Beasley's couch that he has upstairs in our bedroom.


    However, even with the bed he likes, he still moves between the bed and the cool tile in the master bathroom during the night. He has a pillow-type of a bed downstairs. He used to sleep in it, then he started to hump it, so I took it away. I reintroduced the pillow bed a few weeks back, but he still prefers sleeping on the floor.


    I made a bed for him a couple of months ago sine I realized he does not like fluffy beds (he would rather hump those, LOL). I have it in my home office upstairs and he does sleep in it sometimes.


    He is allowed on the living room couch (I bought a cover for it so that it does not get destroyed too fast). Even when he is home alone and I can spy on him via a webcam, he sleeps either on the couch or by the stairs. Never on the pillow bed. And he never goes up to his Beasley's couch during the day.

    Oh, and we also have a Coolaroo bed in the backyard which he never used either. Go figure.

    I would keep the bed you have and not worry about it. Perhaps one day she will change her mind and will start liking the bed. :-)

    • These are funny and cute pictures! I love the back feet on the step. 

      Willow only uses one bed of hers 30 seconds a day; the one in the crate is always rolled to one side by the time we get back home; and the third one is only used for eating treats. She uses our sofa for sleeping part of the night, and this is also where she eats her sweet potatoes. She ALWAYS has to bring the sweet potato to the couch, and we have no idea how that started and why. But it's now the official "potato couch". She's a one hot doodle who doesn't need a bed, from the first day. We have many pictures of her laying on the AC vent. Here's one, and the vent is completely covered by her puppy belly.


      • LOL, it's sooo funny that you mention the air conditioning vents. When Monty was little, his whole body would cover the vent. Now, not so much... but he still tries. :-) This is when he was just about 3 months old. Nothing better than cold air cooling your body. I think it's just one leg that fits the same air vent.


      • Be careful. People have had doodles catch their tags in AC vents.

        • Yes, thank you. We are not using his collar when he is in the house anymore.

    • Great pictures!!

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