I've been thinking about this a lot lately as Riley reaches her maximum size...What is my ideal SIZE of dog?  We want another dog in a few years once our son is a bit older and Riley is more settled so it's got me thinking.  

Forget for a minute about breeds, coat type, whatever... I've had 3 very different sizes of dogs - a 12 lb Bichon (Yoshi), 38 lb mini goldendoodle (Luna) and now a ~75 lb standard bernedoodle (Riley).

I think my ideal dog size falls somewhere between Luna and Riley, around the 50-60 lb range. 

Luna's size was good in many ways, mostly in terms of just physically being able to control and lift her more easily.  It was also nice that if I placed things about 6" away from the edge of the kitchen counter there's no way she could get them... (See also: Reasons I don't want a cat lol)

Riley is tall, big enough to put her nose up on a kitchen counter without her paws leaving the ground.  She's also VERY strong, stronger than I am and almost too heavy for me to lift (definitely too heavy to lift without potentially hurting myself).  DH thinks Riley is the perfect size (or possibly secretly he wishes she were larger), probably because he doesn't have the same physical struggles as I do with her.  

Things to consider when I go on my next breed hunt... though who am I kidding we are probably going to end up with another doodle lol.

What's your ideal dog size? 


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            • I guess it never occured to me that she doesn't show in conformation. I must have gotten distracted by all the dog sports. It does makes sense. If I was going to have a conformation dog it wouldn't be a Poodle. I don't think it gets any tougher than that. All that hair! And it's so competitive. I think you can have a really nice dog but if you don't have the right name and pedigree to back it up it can be a really tough breed. 

              I still think your second dog is out there. Of course I may be the slightest bit biased.I want everyone to get another dog because I can't have another right now. My heart would be big enough for 4, but nothing else is. I can't responsibly have another one. But I constantly smash that little voice in my head that says, what if it's just a very small one? One of the tiny Poodles was sitting on my lap last night and I thought, you wouldn't be any trouble at all! 

              • Amy thinks the show life is not so much fun for the dogs, or the people. Which is one thing I love about her. The breeder who owns Jasper's sire usually wants show homes for her puppies, so I really lucked out. 
                I look for a 2nd dog constantly, on Petfinder and in the Poodle community, too. But more for Jasper than for me. He needs somebody to play with. 
                I could live perfectly well with "just" Jasper. 
                But you said something when Jack died that has stayed with me to this day. You were talking to Jack in the post, and you said "Fly free, my friend. And know that someday we will find you again." 
                So I do keep looking. <3

                • I know what you mean. I love these girls intensely, but I miss Ava every single day. There was something indescribable about her and I want her back. I can't help thinking about how we were cheated out of all the things we wanted to do together. It just isn't fair that she didn't get the life she deserved. I hope one day her spirit comes back to me. I hope she and Jack are off playing together while they wait to return to us.

    • My friend has a fabulous small standard male poodle. He is from a breeder who is breeding for genetic diversity. He is very sweet, biddable, cuddly and a good worker - she is doing agility with him - and he has a full tail!

      This is his Dad - multi titled - obedience, dock diving, hunting.......


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      • Yeah, Karbit is a dirty word among most of the Poodle people I know. They do sell breeding stock to doodle breeders. They also breed a lot of multi-colored Poodles, which is against the American breed standard. 
        And in this case, they mixed Poodle varieties, which is a huge no-no. They bred a Medium to a Standard. Genetic diseases are different from one Poodle variety to another. When you mix them, you can end up with dogs who are prone to everything. 
        So your friend's dog is not really a Standard, and I would be worried about health issues.

        • Wow. I didn't know that. I've met Rudy, he lives in Ontario, and he is an awesome dog. My friends dog, his son, is also a really lovely boy ...... he almost made me want to get a poodle!!!!!!

          • When someone has produced hundreds if not thousands of dogs and not one of them or any of their offspring is an AKC champion, something is wrong there. Even when you're dealing with a breeder who is focused more on performance sports than conformation. 

  • I agree with your "Reasons I don't want a cat."

    If my own strength were not an issue, I'd want another Rosco sized dog--27" or so inches to the shoulder and 85-90#.  But since I'm not getting stronger with age, I think Boca's size is nice: she's about 24" tall and 60-65#.  But even this is getting hard to find in labradoodles beyond the early generation.  

    • If my own strength were not an issue, I'd want another big guy too. Jack was the perfect size for walking & training. 

    • The great thing about Riley's size is I don't even need to bend down to pet her and her head is about the height of my hand when walking which is nice.

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