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Up until now the only two options for Doodle Kisses were:

Allow anyone (member or not) to view any member's profile page (unless the individual member made their page private) or not allow ANY nonmembers access at all. For the sake of YOUR privacy your personal profile page has been unavailable to nonmembers and still is so to date.

We now have a third option that will leave this decision in your hands.

In 2 weeks, I will remove personal profile page privacy globally. But, you will be able to choose between three privacy options from your settings page:

-- Profile visible to anyone: family and friends will no longer have to join Doodle Kisses just to see your profile page. But it also means that any other nonmember will also be able to see your profile page if they should stumble upon it.

-- Profile visible to Doodle Kisses members only: this means that any member of Doodle Kisses can see your page, but nonmembers can not.

-- Profile visible to Doodle Kisses friends only: this will mean that only your friends on Doodle Kisses will be able to view your page.

You have and will continue to have the option to keep your photos as private or public as you wish. Keep in mind, that if you make your photos visible only to friends--they will not show up in our front page slide show for the rest of our members.

Your privacy is important to me--so I will not change this for two weeks to give everybody a chance to catch up and decide how they want their profile to be. You are welcome to change your privacy settings at any time from your settings page. If you're not sure where your settings page is here are some photos below:

STEP 1 -- In the top of the right column of any page click on settings:

STEP 2 -- the next page will offer you some options on the left-hand side, click privacy

STEP 3 -- finally, here is where you can select your privacy settings.

STEP 4 when you are finished be sure to click SAVE at the very bottom to ensure that your settings are set.

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Adina, which of these is the 'only the members' option?
please note the bold statement at the bottom-- the pictures I put up only show where it will be when it shows up.

I believe the new option will be there by tomorrow morning.
Adina - Which of those options you showed signifies "only doodlekisses members"???
please note the bold statement at the bottom of the article-- the pictures I put up only show where it will be when it shows up.

I believe the new option will be there by tomorrow morning.
I like this change...I am all for doodle members only. Thank you.
****UPDATE**** The NEW options are now available for choosing---BUT I will not remove the global privacy UNTIL Friday February 6th.
If we do nothing, what is the default setting?
The default SO FAR and that which will continue until Feb 6th (when I will change things) is that your page is ONLY available to MEMBERS of this site. Feb 6th I will remove page privacy and individual member's settings will rule. So if you do NOTHING, come Feb 6 anyone who happens upon this site can view your page whether they are a member or no.
Thanks. I am not really sure what the ramifications of letting anybody see your page would be. I guess I am rather naive but....... would that be bad?
Not much really unless you share personal info. But some people prefer anonymity and not being easily found on the internet.
With anybody(internet searches) seeing your page - people can steal your pictures. I have actually seen a picture of my dog on the internet used without my permission(they didn't get it from this site). At least if you limit it to members people will actually have create a login/profile before they look at your page.
Great idea, Adina--its a scary world out there sometimes and any time someone has personal info on the internet, its a vulnerability, in my opinion.



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