3364246994?profile=original3364247431?profile=original3364247489?profile=originalOur Zoey, our 11 week old, is definitely a pool doodle! She started out “swimming” in our doggy water bucket. Then we got her a mermaid life jacket to try her in the pool. We have no way to block the pool off from the rest of the yard, and we wanted to make sure she knows where the steps are in case she decided to go in! After the 2nd time of us taking her in and showing her how to get out, she now has gone in a couple of times on her own with supervision! I will take some more photos and post. Here are 2 with her being ‘Zoey the Zermaid’!

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  • Wow, what a cute little "fishdoodle"!!!! 

    • Thanks!  She is the best! 

  • So cute! Mine would be in the pool all day if I had one!

  • So cute :)  

    I think Riley will like the water, she plays in water any chance she gets (including water dishes).  Not quite pool season here yet though, in another month or so.

    • Zoey has loved playing in the water bowl and then the water bucket since the day we brought her home!  I think we're going to have to buy stock in bath towels!!!!!!  We have a doggie door that goes right  out to the back yard.  So we will have to limit outside for a while, until she can be supervised until she gets bigger and more familiar with swimming and the steps!

  • Adorable! I hope our Beau likes swimming. Our pool construction starts next week. 

  • Merdoodle. :-]

  • Too cute!  Love those black doodles.  I totally read that as POODLE doodle until I saw the photos...haha.

  • Awww Zoey the mermaid!!!

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