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Our Zoey, our 11 week old, is definitely a pool doodle! She started out “swimming” in our doggy water bucket. Then we got her a mermaid life jacket to try her in the pool. We have no way to block the pool off from the rest of the yard, and we wanted to make sure she knows where the steps are in case she decided to go in! After the 2nd time of us taking her in and showing her how to get out, she now has gone in a couple of times on her own with supervision! I will take some more photos and post. Here are 2 with her being ‘Zoey the Zermaid’!

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Awww Zoey the mermaid!!!

Zoey is sooooo cute!

Thank you all, for the great comments!  And Adina, I really appreciate this website!   It is so great to have the friends and resources you provide!  Thank you!  I hope to one day be able to contribute helpful info and ideas.  I’m just not there yet with Zoey!

Zoey is so cute. I love her coat!! Beautiful waves.

What a lucky little girl!!!!!

That life jacket is so cute!     Swim little zermaid, swim!

**UPDATE*. We bought some of the chenille microfiber towels and mats and they are wonderful!  Much better than regular bath towels!  And Zoey is starting to get “Go to your towel”, when she comes in soaking wet!  I think this will work out fine

!  Thanks for the great suggestions!  

Good training. I’m impressed. 



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