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The Doggie Doo Drain

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If you've got Poop in your NEED this!
Whether you've got one labradoodle, 3 goldendoodles, or some other combo...poop happens -- and often!  I once did the math for how much poop our dogs create in a week and it wasn't pretty.  What we USED to do is shovel it all into a trash can lined with a bag and putting that stinking bag of poop into our trash can every other week.  At best, GROSS. At worst it was an environmental problem putting poop into a sanitary landfill.  It was a terrible solution to the poop problem.

We repeatedly considered those doggy poop composter thingies, but they didn't really seem suitable for multiple larger dogs.  I'd also heard negative reviews about the lids coming off, being stinky, etc.  Not much of an improvement except for keeping poop out of the landfill.  That's good, but the whole process is still pretty gross.

Then we discovered a totally different 'poop toy' (that's what I call it!) that seemed perfect!  I showed the site to Clark and a little while later, he ordered one and installed it and it IS virtually perfect!

This is by far the best solution to disposing of yard poop that I have seen.

Here is the Doggie Do Drain in all its glory!

NOTE: Your Doggy Do Drain doesn't necessarily need to be mounted as high as ours is if you prefer lower, that's fine.

The Doggy Do Drain is an eco-friendly waste disposal system that is very easy to use.  You just screw the Doggie Doo Drain into your existing sewer cleanout. 

Simple, clean, and green.  NO stewing garbage pail swarmed by flies.  No stinky trash can!  NO tending an underground poo compost pile!  You just scoop the poop, drop it in and hose it down the drain!  And the poop goes to where poop is supposed to go: to the poop plant that you already pay the city for!

We liked it so much we sold/sell it here on DK.

The Doggy Doo Drain is not for everyone. For some of you in the Great White North... it is more difficult to use during freezing winters. You CAN use it, but your garden hose will be frozen so you would have to pour a bucket of water down the drain to 'flush' all that doggy doo.  But as the great poo thaw WILL want something this easy to use!  

The Doggie Doo Drains cost $44.95 plus $5.99 shipping and handling in the continental US. All other shipping locations will be actual shipping costs.

Buy yours here.

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We got our Doggy Doo Drain on Thursday last week. We installed it on Saturday morning - my teenage son couldn't wait to get that going! (Imagine, if you can, a teenager eager to do poop patrol, without drugs or bribery! Shows you how much men like gadgets...) It works like a charm! No more piles, bins and bags with swarms of flies! We have done just about every environmentally (and people) friendly solution to date, including creating the in-ground poop composter with enzymes. Well, living in Arizona makes for hard earth and limited moisture. Not one of the former solutions was great -they were just okay. This is a wonderful and simple product. (I love simplicity!) Thanks for finding this and posting it on our site!!!
We got our Doggie Doo Drain last Thurs. and we love it! I just have to learn how to shovel the poop up without spreading it through the grass, maybe Clark can teach me? He did great on the video! I just use latex gloves to pick it up, now I don't have a bag to throw the gloves in. Like Roberta I've tried everything on the market to make this chore better now I have it. When I'm at our family cabin for Easter I'm going to spend my time looking for the clean out, you may have another sale Adina. When the whole family is at the cabin there are 7 dogs, St. Bernard, Lab mix, Cheasie, and 4 GD"s we need one!
Gus still doesn't understand

It is so nice not to have to carry the 'poop bucket' around the yard while on poop patrol. I have one of those rake & shovel pooper scoopers. I simply rake the poop onto the shovel and dump it in the doo drain. A quick flush with the garden hose and so long poop. No more smelly poop bags waiting for garbage pick up day. Love the doo drain. I showed to my neighbor who has 3 GRs and a Cav. She is going to purchase one too.



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