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  • Welcome to the group, Shelly. 

  • Lynda Kamrath has a sheepadoodle puppy.  Welcome to the group.

  • Greetings all! I'm new to the group and new to doodles. Bella is a sheepadoodle and as of today is 5 1/2 months old. I'm  training her to work with my patients (I'm a shrink). She's too young, so I'm just getting her used to being around the patients. I'm (GASP) 58! A shrink with a twisted sense of humor. I'm looking forward to meeting you all- if anyone here has a sheepadoodle let me know! I only found 2 in the sheepadoodle group!

  • Baths...depending what she gets into( insert rolling eyes). Enzo probably balances out to one every 3 weeks or so. There have been times tho, she's gotten them on consecutive days.;)
  • F: I learned this first hand at the very first Doodle Romp we attended. Enz was maybe 5 months and she almost immeadiately found the mud and water at the dog park. Had a blast rolling around it! All the Doodleowners relayed this fact...let her dry, the mud will fall off on it's own! I'm thinking...yeah right! Sure enough, once she dried, the dirt literally fell off her!
  • When I worked in a grooming shop we used a mild, organic neem shampoo.  And we only had one client who came as often as monthly, a little Havanese.  Most every other client came every 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Also doodle coats shed mud when then dry, then brushing really cleans things up afterward.
  • Thank you, Mark. I will check with my vet- who sells only organic top of the line products, before proceeding with a weekly bath.
  • If you must bathe your dog frequently, use a mild shampoo, and do not use a hot dryer. Let the dog air dry as much as possible, or use a cool dryer setting. This will help prevent the skin getting too dry. 

    To prevent the need for frequent bathing, it also helps if you do not use leave-in conditioners or grooming products. These can attract and trap dirt.

  • The latest thought is that if you use a mild shampoo formulated for dogs, then it is perfectly OK to bathe weekly.   Our Dood can get very dirty from his job and just plain water from our hose can't get him clean. When this happens we have had to give him a shower each week.

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My dog smells like a fish!!!

Does anyone else have a problem with their dog expressing their anal glands other than when they have a bowel movement? Sometimes Jacki will just be sitting on "her" chair and she will start to wreak! She has been checked out by the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong. The vet suggested changing her food so I am in the process of changing her from puppy food to adult food. Any other suggestions?

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Eating inappropriate stuff outside

We planted a new tree in our backyard and the tree nursery told us to keep bark around it. The problem is, Jacki won't leave that bark alone! If I let her out without her leash on she heads right for that bark and chews/eats it! Does anyone know if those products you buy to spray on things like that to keep pets away actually work? Any other ideas how to keep her away from it?

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Events for This Group

Comment by S. Pender1 minute agoGreetings! New Doodle Kisses Members here..all four of us. Hunter, Madison, Hudson and me. Can you guess which of us is the 50+?Any Coloradoans? What other states are members from? Any events for this group of Fifty Somethings and their Doodles?

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Any suggestions for obnoxious barking?

Jacki is 7 months old. Almost every evening she will walk up to either myself or my husband (and now our company) and bark at them for no reason. And then she will get real crazy by running around the room and even jump up on laps. She gets uncontrollable at times. Any suggestions on how to curb this behavior?

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