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I suppose I belong here. I'm 50+ and then some. :-) My name is Sally and I'm Mommy to 5 1/2 month old Penny, a cream colored F1 Goldendoodle. Penny has gold ears and a little gold streaked here and there. DH and I wondered if we were too old to raise a puppy, but she keeps us young. We hadn't raised a puppy in 10 years. It's more fun than work with Penny. Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" to all the other "old folks". LOL!

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Welcome Sally and Penny is adorable. I agree these pups keep us young and active.
Thanks! I've not been able to nap since we got Penny. And my time is not my own, anymore. LOL! Kinda like a new baby, that way.
Welcome Sally! Enjoy your new puppy.
I felt that if I got my puppies it would be good for both of us
to keep walking. :-)
Thanks. Yes, I have been walking Penny. At first she was walking me. But then I got an Easy Walk harness and our walks are much more pleasant and way easier on me.

Hi, Sally.  Penny is just adorable - she has that scruffy look that is my favorite.

Scuffy is an understatement. I'm used to short-haired dogs so this wild and long hair takes some getting used to. :-). Thanks.



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