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I am 70 and single, but in good health,   active and walk daily with Ozzie.  We also do long hikes when we go to doggie camp in the summer  (2-3 hours or more on mountain trails.)  I know that Ozzie would love a little buddy and I have been thinking about adding a mini doodle 25 pounds or so.  Ozzie is very well trained as would be the new doggie.  I just can't seem to pull the trigger on this.  I keep doing the math and worrying about finding myself in a situation where newest doggie might have to be rehomed.  I know that the future is unpredictable and one shouldn't try and predict what is going to happen in 10-15 years (average life span of my genetic pool!).  Has anyone else faced this question?  Any input might help me decide one way or the other. 

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My mom is 87 and wanted another dog for her older dog to play with but has decided that it isn't a good idea - and in her case this was a wise but difficult decision.
Looking into the future (we are 60) we have also wrestled with this for our own selves. Our concern is helping a big and old dog in and out of our RV or up and down stairs. We have always had bigger dogs and chose an older 27 pound pup with Ned two years ago. We love Ned's size and would get another smaller dog - they are way, way easier. We ended up with a rescue doodle 3 months ago. We thought he was smaller because he is short, but it turns out that he is a full size doodle with short legs. We will have trouble when the time comes to assist him, but we will deal with it.
You sound like you are in great health and probably have many active years left. Because it was our decision I am biased, but would go in the direction of a smaller dog.
Yes, the plan would be a mini-doodle not more than 25 pounds! I also think about the potential for "assisted living." One can usually have a smaller dog!
It is funny that we start to think of this stuff. I never would have when I was younger. Our old Springer was such a sweetie but for the last two or three years of her life we had to lift her in and out of the motor home and carry her up the stairs to bed in our home. I am a small person and this was hard then but would be impossible when I get older. I never realized how much easier a small dog is; I am amazed. We still have two bigger dogs - one 12 and one 6 as well as Clancy to assist as they age and we will do the best we can.
Have you thought about getting an older doodle? You might check with Ozzie'sbreeder - they might have an older dog.
We're in our mid-60's and sometimes I think about getting Max a little sister. But we've also been thinking about later years and moving into a retirement community but there is always a weight limit on dogs. So that's something to think about - a mini would be ideal.
Yes, I have thought of this and it may be a good solution. Also rescue.
The only problem with finding a retired breeder is that most of the time the guardian family keeps them. Unless the dog lives in the home of the breeder they are not readily available. The other issue is that if they have been kenneled rather than living in the home, many times there are training/socialization issues that may even be worse than those of a puppy. For that reason, a rehome might be a better option if one can be located. There is also a premium on the smaller doodles and they rarely become available. Believe me, I am watching the sites!
There are so many rescues who would be so blessed to live with you & get that kind of attention, as most of the rescues were with busy people who didn't give them the attention or love they needed!
Hi Lucy,
I also had concerns about getting a Doodle, as I have back issues, and other health concerns. The thing that we did was to get a mini, and, actually, there are several breeders that do have them. I am active, just cannot do heavy lifting. This dog is perfect. I want to get her a pal that can keep up with her when she races! My husband and I play chase with her a lot, and I think she could actually do that all day long! We walk her every day. If you did eventually go to an Assisted Living, many of these places do take a smaller dog, and have weight restrictions. There are breeders (on here, even) that have the smaller doodles. One I found has them even that are 10-15 pounds. It is a mini Labradoodle that we are considering. I put in a friend request with you so that I can share the names and locations of the breeders we have found without violating the DoodleKisses policy.
Thanks Lauria, I am keeping my eyes open for a mini to be a pal for my Ozzie. I also have an application in with IDOG rescue/rehome for an older pup. We'll see what the future brings! Looking forward to getting updates from you. Your pup is so cute...looks like a stuffed toy!
I agree with the others about a getting a smaller doodle. I really never thought about assisted living- very good point. It would be so terrible to have to give up a dog for this reason. Good luck with your search and keep us up to date. You seem to be very "fit" right now to handle a bigger doodle, but very smart about thinking ahead to the future.
We are wrestling with the same issues, we are both 72 and in good health; unfortunately, our Doodle, Rusty, is not doing as well. You may have seen my blog postings on Rusty's battle with cancer; even though he is doing well after amputation and Chemo therapy, the prognosis is that we will probably lose Rusty before this year is over.

The breeder has offered us a replacement puppy since Rusty's cancer developed at such an early age; he will be two at the end of this month. Having just completed getting Rusty through puppy hood and now dealing with the cancer issues we are not sure that we want to start over with a new puppy. We may ask her for one of her retired breeders as she has them from time to time rather than a new puppy. We will also probably look at a rescue Doodle; I have joined the rescue group and will monitor what Doodles are available. At first I could not bear the thought of replacing Rusty, but he is such a super dog I am sure that he would want us to enjoy another Doodle.

Were we live, Sun City Palm Desert, CA, there is a pet club that is very active in finding homes in the community for those pets whose owners can no longer care for them or have passed. We also have a dear friend in her mid 40's who has several animals and she will take our pets if something unexpected happens. I agree that we never thought about those issues before, but we have to be realistic that our pets may out live us. However, we certainly did not anticipate losing Rusty so soon; that has been a real shock to us!

Good luck on your decision,

Chuck & Rusty
My goodness, what a sad turn of events. However these doggies do very well as "tripaws". It doesn't bother them as much as it does us. Rusty will live a good life for however many days are left on his calendar, knowing that he is loved and has a happy home. This is such a difficult part of owning a dog-letting them go when it is time. The downside of dog ownership is this kind of heartbreak. My Ozzie is 6 years old and considering genetics in my family, there is a good chance that I will have some lonely years without him. Part of me wants a "backup" doggie, not only for Ozzie as a playmate-which he would love-but also to help the loneliness when Ozzie is no longer here. On the other hand, Ozzie is such a perfect dog and companion I don't know if I could possibly love another dog as much as I love him. He truly is my once in a lifetime dog-child. So I sit on the fence. However I have to make a move one way or the other within the next year-no later. A retired breeder, or even a rehome, is a very good idea. I also have my application in with a rescue group (IDOG) but will just have to see what the future brings. It sounds like you have a very good situation for adding a new dog to your family. I am single and none of my remaining family are dog lovers in particular. However the doodle community is so closely knit that there is always a way to find a home for a well-socialized and well-trained dog of any age. Good luck with Rusty. Of course, you have my fervent wishes for a positive outcome of his situation. Miracles happen! Thanks for replying to my post.



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