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I am 70 and single, but in good health,   active and walk daily with Ozzie.  We also do long hikes when we go to doggie camp in the summer  (2-3 hours or more on mountain trails.)  I know that Ozzie would love a little buddy and I have been thinking about adding a mini doodle 25 pounds or so.  Ozzie is very well trained as would be the new doggie.  I just can't seem to pull the trigger on this.  I keep doing the math and worrying about finding myself in a situation where newest doggie might have to be rehomed.  I know that the future is unpredictable and one shouldn't try and predict what is going to happen in 10-15 years (average life span of my genetic pool!).  Has anyone else faced this question?  Any input might help me decide one way or the other. 

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We are virtually in the same boat so I really know what you mean. I was thinking of your road trip the other day. I don't know that I would have dared it.

Its such a great question.  My husband and I are in our sixties, and still working.   We are doodle-parent wannabe's.  We have been wanting to get a dog for several years and just bought a house that was the former home to two sheepdogs...and has a private dog yard, a grooming area with a huge sink and a dog gate in the main house  An omen that the time is NOW.  We like doodles because of our grandchildren : 3 boys under 6.

It seems we coming to a choice of 'two dogs' or 'no dog' ... frankly, a heart breaking choice.  We want to give our new family member the care it needs and deserves and at the same time, we want to be age-appropriate regarding our abilities and recognized changes that may come to our lifestyle.   One dog means work, but two dogs might be too much.  With our working, we thinking one dog home alone might not be fair to the dog..... AND, we want a doodles because they seem to be a great fit for the  grandchildren, but they are incredibly expensive.  Is this a fad (regarding pricing) that will go away.  $5000 for two dogs is incredible.  Reminds me of the tulip mania in holland.(that I read about -- I'm not that old LOL )

I appreciate the insights regarding smaller dogs....had not thought about that.

A friend of mine just told me that she is  getting a new puppy mid June and she is 80 years old, a wodow and in good health. Go for it!

I'm 68 and recently widowed and have come to the decision that I need someone to care for since I've done that most of my life. So I'm hoping it will be mutual for the "three" of us ~ we need each other! I have minimal health issues, but have for years. Can't just give up or I'd really go down hill. I'm expecting my boys to be purposeful in my life and me in theirs!
I'm comforted knowing there are so many of us that have made this decision and have DK for answers when I'm puzzled.
I just added a screen room onto the back of my house this past summer and have spent hours putzing with flowers, sitting on the porch swing, watching the will be more meaningful having my doodles to share it with plus when the grandkids come it will be fabulous have a puppy for each of them to play with. I'm praying for all us over 50's so one day when we look back on these days we'll know we've been made better and enjoyed life more because of our decision!

Where do you go for Doggie Camp. that sounds like a great idea. i am 74 and in good health. we walk 2-3 miles everyday and do a 5K run (we really just walk fast. and i do have 2 doodles, but they are close to 70 lbs



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