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I can't believe it.  I've become obnoxious.  I'm a dog person.  I now carry treats in my pockets and sing the praises of my intelligent, accomplished, beautiful and well mannered....D O G.   I just returned from a two week cruise and I missed Zoe terribly and was amazed at how many times I talked about her. The truly awful thing is that I looked for souvenirs in all the countries I visited -- for Zoe.  I was looking for collars and leashes that were obviously 'foreign' so WE could boast about OUR world travels ...remember she is a D O G and the only place she went was puppy school while I was away.    I even acted like an ambassador and contributed toward world peace too by striking up sign-language conversations with other dog owners  I was amazed at the number of travel photos I now have of other people in other countries with their dogs.  I used to dislike people like me -- always talking about their pets :-)   They really do change your life, don't they?

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Oh, you really hit the nail on the head.  I had never had a dog until I was in my late 50s and thought all the people that swooned over their dogs were just plain....not my friend.  Yep, you guessed it....I am now one of them!...Thanks for posting...couldn't have said it better myself.  BTW....I got so hooked....I went back and got a second doodle...what fun.

Yes, they really do change your life.  But now you have to lose the "DOG" and then she will be your "BABY" and part of your family.  We consider our Gracie Doodle to be one of us and is "family".  She is NOT a DOG!!!  lol

they do change your life. i call Sam & Eloise my kids, even to the point that is making my adult daughter jealous.

I guess that is what makes Doodle Kisses such a wonderful place! All of us crazy "D O G" people can gather here without fear of judgement! LOL!  We don't consider Tara a dog either. Heck we even gave her a person name!  Next we're going to start claiming her as a dependent when we file our taxes! ;)

My son came home from college and was very quick to point out that I was "one of them".  He also told me that "they are dogs, not your furry four legged kids" and he takes special exception to me referring to him as their "2-legged brother".  Even my husband (who only tolerated my labs) is now smitten with our doodles.  And as far as vacations go, if they can't go, neither can I.  We usually go camping and hiking on our vacations anyway, now we just have to make sure that the parks we stay in are pet-friendly.

LOL! I love "two-legged brother"!

My younger son gets pretty irked when I call him or Luca by the other one's name. Luca doesn't mind a bit though : )

When I get annoyed with Banjo I'll sometimes in a plaintive way say "Coryyyyyy" and then catch myself.   But I've never called my son Banjoooooooo.

Yep....I'm not only "One of Those People".....but now I say  "One of Those People" when I'm referring to those who don't have a D O G and don't understand the D O G thing.    As far as I can tell they are in the minority.   Maybe it because I'm looking through from this side....but it seems almost everyone has a  D O G in their life.   Oh "Those Poor People"..........

My dh and I belong to that club too.  Kind of sad.... but we don't care :-}  And our boys' all get called each others' names - furry and non furry.  Somehow I can keep the sexes straight - our daughter's name is out of the mix.

My husband and I have become "those people" as well and we love it! Pete is such an important part of our family now and he will remind us whenever he thinks we forget. :) Our kids are pretty good about tolerating Pete as their little brother and the grandkids love him. What did we ever do without him? My parents were so crazy about him, they now have a Labradoodle, so Pete has an uncle now. :)


as a woman said to me while walkin past my doodle's 1st birthday party at a restaurant complete with hat balloons etc "Oh I see youhave the disease too! I cant believe it! I have turned into this person.......a very happy doodle person!LOL



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