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What demeanor does your AD have?

Mine is pretty loyal to me but easily distracted

He is very goofy and loves to leg hump cant figure out how to get him to stop this. He gets this gleen in his eye and cant hear anything.

He also jumps when he greets and is super excited but I will work with him on it at obedience school.

Is anyone in the DFW area?

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My AD, Madiba is very complex.  She has chosen me as her person over my husband and anyone else.  She loves people but she is never not by my side, i haven't gone to the bathroom without her company since the day we got her 2 years ago :).  She loves people, dogs, not so much.  She is cool with everyone and all dogs but she'd rather play fetch with a human than chase a dog.  She is a good judge of character, if we pass someone who appears drunk or who is aggressive, she gets upset and barks.  She is also the guardian of our home, any knock on the door and she springs into action.  She understands quite a few words, she is smarter than a lot of humans I know and she is the best company.  She can be a good ball, especially when she gets a new squeaky ball.  She is high energy but she hates the heat and strong sun, she loves the beach, and while swimming was not her forte, she has come to enjoy it and takes herself into the ocean.  I work from home and spend a lot of time with her, I adore her and we both get separation anxiety when I have to travel for work.  She does not like to be home alone but she loves to be home with a house full of people.  These are the best dogs in the world!

Our AD is just 3.5 mths so far. Some parts of his behavior are breed-related, some breeder-related, and some from his role in his litter.
In his litter he was the biggest and would push the other pups aside. He continues to act proud and a little stubborn.
His breeder has been working a long time on her program for therapy, diabetic alert etc. Instictively he is gentle with frail or ill people.
Breed wise, he loves to run and climb. I walk him predawn each morning. He's a little afraid of the dark, but if I can have him climb a brush pile or any obstacle his tail goes up and he oranges along. He loves puddles and any excuse to get wet. He is as smart as the aussies I've had, but not as eager to please. He too turns off his ears when distracted. Not even a glimmer of any aggressive or predatory tendency.
Our Beckett is 7 months old. He is VERY energetic. We are empty-nesters and it's felt like a full-time job keeping him busy and trying to tire him out (he's just started to slow down a bit since he was neutered). He goes to doggie daycare and we give him puzzles and "jobs" to do. We also have him in training classes. Besides being energetic and very smart, he is very sweet and friendly. He's not snuggly, but loves everyone he meets- people and animals. We've never seen him behave aggressively and isn't afraid of much at all. The only time he barks is when he wants another dog to play with him. We attribute his fabulous temperment to a combo of great breeding, a wonderful start by his breeder, and the effort we've put into socializing and training him.



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