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Just wondering if anyone is still in this group. I have not noticed any recent posts. I'm about to get an Aussidoodle and it would be nice to talk with other aussiedoodle owners.

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We get all of the email. We have two AussieDoodles, Boomer and Angus 5 &3. Great dogs, wicked smart and very loving

I have a blue merle Aussiedoodle.  Sherlock will be one July 3.... he is smart, loving and and such a clown..... his herding of the kids is a hoot..... but all they have to do is throw a toy and Sherlock is off to the chase..... he is an absolute doll...

Hi, I also have an Aussiedoodle named Mindy. She is chocolate with a bit of white on her chest. She is just 7 months old, and she is very energetic, intelligent and loving.  She loves other dogs, and children, but her energy can overwhelm little ones at times, she's learning : )

Oh god so glad to know there are still people on here. We will get out little hit on May 3rd.

We've had Moly for 5 1/2 years. As others have mentioned, these dogs are SMART. She hasn't totally stopped her herding - gently taps us on the leg when going down stairs. One thing you have to be ready for is a dog with energy. Molly is also very good with small children - always wants to "kiss" them. However, our 6 and 4 year old granddaughters very easily learned how to control her. Our whole neighbourhood loves Molly.

We're getting our pup in about 4 weeks. He turned 4 weeks last weekend.

I feel very good about the breeder, local person with good principles. Working on getting prepped, braced for the complete topsy-turvy of puppydom. 

Just wondering if your pup came from Pecan Place? We got our Beckett from Joyce in August, his puppy pics looked a lot like yours!
Just joined and would love to connect with other Aussiedoodle owners. They are pretty rare where we live.

I have an Aussiedoodle, her name is Ms. Lady she is 7.5 months old. She is super sweet and has tons of energy. She has brought so much love and happiness into my life. I am always happy to meet other Aussiedoodle families.



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