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Hello everyone,

Few years ago we lost our golden retriever and I was sure we'll never take another dog since our hearts were broken. Time is running, and we decided to bring another dog to our family. We fall in love with aussiedoodles and want to get a puppy.

We live in Ottawa, Ontario. I tried to find aussiedoole breeder in our area, but could not find any. The only breeder, I saw on internet, is near Toronto, and is absolutely not recommended by posts on this site.

May someone recommend me trustful breeder, or give a hint where to look for? Few hours drive from Ottawa is not a problem.

Your help is very appreciated.


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We have an amazing Aussiedoodle named Molly. She is almost 7 years old. When we lost our last dog I swore I wouldn’t get another dog - too painful to lose them. However, 6 months later I ran into an absolutely lovely and beautiful dog which was an Aussiedoodle. Looked into their background & found they are really good with small children, very bright and easy to train - all true.
After a lot of research I decided to go to the Burkharts Kennels to check them out. Their kennel was absolutely pristine. We had to walk through a disinfecting pad before we could see the pups. I have read a lot of negative reviews about them stating that they were a puppy mill but from what I saw, their pups were very well looked after - so, we came home with Molly. She loves all people, is absolutely great with our small grandchildren and is VERY healthy and smart (sometimes too much) - compared to our previous pure breed dogs.
I know it is a very long drive from Ottawa - about a 5 hour drive - but I highly recommend them. It's worth the drive.
Get back to me if you want some further info.

Thank you very much for information. You are right - 5 hour drive (10 both directions) is a very long drive, but I'll definitely check that site.



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