For all those labradoodle owners who have been fortunate enough to obtain a doodle from KathyYoung at Cloud Catchers Labradoodles, Austrailia
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  • Hi Dan:

    My wife and I started this group as a way for owner's of Doodles that were bred from    from Australia. If limited edition Eddie was a breeder from Cloudcatcher's in Australia, it will probably be noted on his pedigree statement....... Both our girls, Mattie and Trixie are from the Cloudcatcher program.

    Cloud Catcher Labradoodles
  • Our doodle's "dad" was named 'Cloud Catcher Limited Edition Eddie' (from Manor Lake Labradoodles near Seattle/USA).  I assume that means our little Cooper is at least 50% Cloud Catcher?

  • Hi everyone!

    My name is Kara, I am the Care Home Coordinator at Cloud Catcher Labradoodles. I found this as I was creating a facebook page for Cloud Catchers, and thought it was a great idea! Check us out on facebook for the most up to date information on our Doods and puppies, and feel free to drop us a line! I love that Cloud Catcher Labradoodles has it''s own group..they really are a special kind of dog aren't they? Happy Doodling!

  • Finally added some photos :)
  • Hi - sorry still have to add some photos. Leo's parents are Zafi and Carson - born September 2009. We had a great holiday thanks - there's a dog beach there and our dogs are so good with other dogs and people - they are never any trouble. When Rafa was a puppy she would go and sit with strangers on the beach! Neither of them swim, but love to frolic in the shallows. We'd like to get up to Noosa later in the year, and visit Kathy on the way. In Sydney we go mostly to Sirius Cove. The late summer we are having is glorious.
  • Rafa and Leo from Cloudcatcher (we live in Sydney) apologize that their owners have been so slow in posting their photos, and saying hello. They are about to head off for 8 days holiday on the beach at Port Stephens, but will definitely be more active on the doodlekisses site when they get back. Rafa is Mattie's sister, and Leo another chocolate boy who is 5 months old. Love to all the kennel-mates
  • We just took delivery this weeken of the
    grooming stand for Mattie and Trixie. It's excellent and much better than a simple arm and noose approach. Mattie is very difficult to groom. Having her in this system made a world of difference, immediately. Especially for her face. More expensive than an arm and noose, but well worth it.
  • Hello to Suzanne and Lynne. I am so glad to see that we have members of this group now. I started it over a year and shortly after receiving Mattie from Kathy. Mattie is from Dorian/Pebbles September 08 litter. Trixie, Baja/Sierra, November 09 litter. I researched quite a few breeders here in the US but when I came across Kathy's website, our decision was soon made. We couldn't be happier. Suzanne, I went to the UofU back in the 70's... great city. Ellie's name has a great background. Very nice. I agree, there are probably other CloudCatcher doodles here in the US. Cheers.
  • Nice to know her mom is a good girl. Ellie is short for "Elouera" -- we lived in Sydney until August, and named her Elouera for the beach near us, and also because I believe Elouera means "from a beautiful place" in one of the aboriginal languages. She sure loves playing in the snow here in Salt Lake City Utah.
  • Hello -- Ellie is from Ruby Star and Baja's July 2009 litter. Good to see that at least one other Cloudcatcher labradoodle is in the US.
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