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  • Hello all!!

       I hope everyones furry babies are doing great! I would still love to connect with my pups brothers and sisters. Her mom was Hibiscus  and her Dad was Oscar. Her birth date was June 5th 2012! Would love to chat!!

  • Hi!
    My dog Mousse was born on 8-04-13. His mom is Rosebud. We would love to catch up with some of his littermates or siblings!
  • Hi Susan and Sam,  we have 2 labradoodles from Glen Eden, Brandy is 12 and Bella, a mini, is 2 1/2.  Working with Judy was always frustrating and 12 years ago, she was the closest breeder to us in Ellicott City, MD.  Now, there are so many breeders here and all over the country that provide all the information online with pictures of the puppies every week until you pick them up.  We went back to her for Bella because Brandy is such a sweet natured dog.   The day we picked up Bella she had a horrible urinary infection that lasted over 4 months.  I'm sure they knew about it beforehand.  We love Bella, but we will not go back to Glen Eden because of how they manage their customers. 

  • Thanks Sam, Bridget my older sweet girl was definitely born into a puppymill-ish environment, 16 years ago, Judy farmed the poodle sires to the Amish Country, where they were admittedly not touched or socialized with humans. Judy admitted to that, and stopped doing that practice a few years later. Chloe , my sweet 9 year old who ripped my heart out 2 months ago, with her sudden death, seemed to be born into a better environment. But I do remember my frustrations from 16 years ago in trying to contact was very hard to get timely responses from her. Bridget did have health issues..may or may not have had anything to do with Glen Eden. She still lived a long, happy life (but had lost her vision, due to autoimmune disorder). I adored those dogs, and knew many many people had issues with Glen Eden, but in my panic to get a new puppy, I thought my fastest and easiest option was to get from them. And when Anya said I was first on the list..I was happy...but then my father 'forced' me to get a dog, right away, while in VaBeach. Bella definitely from a backyard breeder, with no regulations. Since I got her at 6 months, she had worms (as they had thought she'd be gone at 8 weeks, i think she was just ignored, ear infections and flees. BUT she is healthy now..getting over her fear of city noises...and is a sweet, great dog. But I will now, always cut down the cold treatment I got from Anya and never hearing from them, other than they'd let me know when pups were born...I believe it all worked out the best way, for me and Bella.

  • Susan, I am sorry to hear about your loss. But I agree. Glen Eden is nothing more than a fancy puppy mill. She does not care about the dogs she raises or her clients. When I delt with her she was rude and did not care about me or our puppy. When I told her my dog had health issues her only reply was to return her.... We all know she would of put our to sleep. She is heartless and over breads all of her dogs. I am very happy to have my baby but you are better of not getting fom her.
  • I am disappointed with Glen Eden. I had bought 2 chocolate Labradoodle from her. One 16 years ago, and one 9 years ago, Chloe. Chloe suddenly dropped dead, healthy, puppyish, of a brain anuerysm...nothing to do with Glen Eden. I was devastated, needed a puppy asap, I was on the waiting list..told next in line..I never heard back from them. I was one of her longest term customers. A repeat customer. Had been to 2 doodle romps.I think this is horrible that I got no treatment..not special treatment..nothing. 2 months later, still no word. I got Bella from a 'backyard' breeder 2 months ago. I had to get a dog. She is working out fine (some issues..but to be expected due to her environment). But Judy and Anya don't know I got a dog..I was just the list..bad business I guess..and truly showing no heart.

  • I am late to the game with this website. Our chocolate doodle was born on July 28,2007. Elie, our black female was born on September 4, 2009. We love both our doodles and can't imagine our life without their antics.
  • I have 2 dogs and both are from Gleneden! RB is a Cavanese and will be 2 on April 1. Lady Loo is a mini Labradoodle, 16lbs. She turned a year Dec 20, 2012.
    Love them both! They are everything I had hoped for and more!
  • Hi all! We brought home our F1b Chocolate puppy Tony Tony Chopper "Chopper" Feb.27th and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. Judy and her staff were wonderful. I have no complaints there.
    Chopper's parents are: Gleneden Kiss Of Lime and Gleneden Jovial.  He is now 10.5 weeks old and 13lbs. Today was a beautiful day so we played in the yard. He ran around collecting various toys my boys left out and I even got him to play fetch for about 5mins with a golf ball! 

  • Hi we are new to this group. We purchased our Labradoodle, Sailor, in September. She was from the 7/11/12 litter. Her Dad Was Hugo Boss & Mom was Rosebud.

    Does anyone else have one from that litter?

    She has been an expensive little bugger to say the least. She started off with bladder issues and then she had GI issues. To make a long story short we finally have her belly issues under control with a prescription dog food Royal Canine HE & probiotics.   Hopefully around a year we can switch her to some regular food.

    We were told that she will end up being between 45-55 lbs. However she is about 30 lbs at 8 months and we just do not see that happening.

    We love her a lot so if she does wind up being on the munchkin side oh well. The best part about her is that she Hypoallergenic for our family. We were told that she is an F1b and that was the most important part about getting a dog for our family.

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Unsuccessful Attempts To Contact Gleneden

Hello everyone,We adopted our wonderful Medium-Labradoodle Hazel from Gleneden in 2008 and she inspired us to get a little "sister" for her this fall. Since July, we have sent 5 emails to Gleneden, 3 from my work, 2 from home, inquiring about puppy availability with no response. I can see that doodle pics have been posted to their website this summer, so I assume they're still in the business.Because we planned on adopting a new puppy this November, we did just find a good breeder here in…

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2010 Gleneden Doodle Romp

Hi everyone,Just wanted to make sure you saw that Judy posted the info for this year's Gleneden Doodle Romp.  It will be held on September 25th, from 1pm - 4pm at Gleneden.  Refreshments will be served.Please pre-register with Judy at We attended last year and had a great time.  The dogs ran around on the lawn and were exhausted by the end of the day!  What fun!  Hope to see you there!Jeremy 

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Adopting a Puppy from GlenEden

I am thinking about adopting a doodle from GlenEden. I've had a few email exchanges from Judy but was wondering your views on them. I feel like asking for info has been a bit tough and am waiting to hear if we will be able to come to the farm to see the puppies. Just curious about your experiences. Thanks all!!

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