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  •  Anyone with friends in Langley, BC! Can you PLEASE SHARE this, and ask others in your area to do the same. We're hoping 6 degrees of separation will help us find one of Jasper's siblings. Thank you! 

    We are looking for one of Jasper’s goldendoodle siblings to help save his life. Jasper was born in Langley, BC, on July 9, 2006 to a breeder named Christine Filipczyk. She no longer breeds dogs and has not kept her records. 

    Jasper, has been diagnosed with canine T-cell lymphoma. Canine lymphoma has a mean survival rate of 6 months without a stem cell transplant. It is our goal to find a donor for Jasper to possibly cure him of this terrible illness. Unfortunately the highest probability of a donor match for a stem cell transplant comes from his litter mates/siblings. The first step for a stem cell transplants is a simple blood test, if the dogs are found to be a match the second step is the extraction of the stem cells via a pain-free IV blood filtration a process similar to taking blood. We will cover all the costs associated with this procedure, as well we are offering a reward for your generosity. For the blood test we will offer $200 if you can provide proof of your dogs lineage. If your pet is a match we will offer a reward of $5000 after the stem cell extraction. We have been assured this procedure is pain free for your dog, not to mention he will be a hero in every sense of the word. If you think your beloved pet could be a match please contact us at “jasperscure@gmail.com”, or via our Facebook page Stem Cell Donor for Jasper. Thank you!

    Stem Cell Donor for Jasper
    Stem Cell Donor for Jasper. 1.3K likes. This page is dedicated to to finding a stem cell donor for our unconditionally loving and affectionate dog, J…
  • Holistic Vet near Salem, OR?

  • FREE DoodleComfort Grooming Demo Day in Oregon, USA!

    To give Doodle owners in Oregon, USA the chance to meet me, see what I am about and experience my expertise with their own eyes, on their own Labradoodles, Golden Doodles or Poodle mix breeds, I will be giving a free demo day next tuesday 11th March, from 11.00 am till 18.00 pm.

    Want more info? https://www.facebook.com/events/1424645637782569/

    I hope to see you there!

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  • Doodle Romp at 3 forks dog park in Snoqualmie this Sunday 5/5 at noon!  Acres and acres of green grass - totally fenced.   See you there!

  • Hi I am looking for a house sitter/pet sitter for 2 weeks this summer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hi Everyone-

    I am in desperate need of a good Portland groomer!  Preferably on the West Side, but at this point I would drive anywhere for a good doodle do!  Thanks!

  • Im just over the Border in Canada. The doodle group here is not very active, and am interested in a trip to the States now and then to meet some new friends
  • Here's a story that will break your hearts. This sweet adorable little 5-month old Goldendoodle boy has ctaracts and some other eye problems that are expected to cause him to become blind. It's not clear if anything much can be done for him. His owners did not bargain on a dog with "defects" when they purchased him, so they relinquished him to a rescue group. He's in the Seattle area.

    He seems to be a perfect, good-tempered little guy who is well-trained and can live a good life despite his handicap. Blind dogs do very well, especially if they have another dog for companionship.

    Anybody have it in their hearts to help this sweet boy?


  • I have a Fisher Price 900 ft range baby/puppy monitor that I used when my pups were first home.  Works great. Paid $35, will sell for $20 OBO.  Seattle area.
  • Oh my lord, Dixie! He's GORGEOUS!!!
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Doodle owners in Eugene?

My husband and I are now owned by our adorable 4-month-old apricot Labradoodle, Ozzie. We'd love to meet and maybe arrange playdates with other doodle owners in the Eugene/Springfield area. Are there any of you out there?photo.JPG

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