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  • I see the guidelines for calendar submission pics but it doesn’t match the info I have on my computer program. I have a # x another #, for instance 6000x4000, & then I have MB numbers, like 8.2 MB, 7.6 MB. I don’t know how to tell if they are the right size (8.5x11). I haven’t cropped any but some needed to be straightened
  • F, The incomplete but helpful guide above is non functional with this new DK format. :( I used to use it all the time.
    • What's not functioning...the links?
    • When clicking on a link you get this message "Our apologies – this page was not found".
    • It does make it hard to find anything :(
    • Anne, Lori...and maybe F if you're reading this too. I fixed the first two or three links. Whoever the admins of this group are, can easily fix the rest. Keep one window open to the "Edit Group" page (admins can see it). Then open another window to the forum part of this group and search for the titles that are missing. That will bring up the discussion and you can put the correct URL in and then save the changes. If nobody can figure out how to do it, I can come back later when I have more time. But it's just that the links are sending to an old formatting of the pages. But it's not hard to correct it from the EDIT GROUP function that admins have access to.
  • This new DK format is the pits. I cannot find how to search for a particular discussion in TPG nor can I seem to find it in a scroll manner without spending time that I do not have. What happened to the discussion that was for just dogs (of any kind)?
    • Hi Anne -- if you know the name of the discussion you could search in the main search bar at the top of every page. Sorry I did not choose to "lose" the within-group search feature, but it was a side effect of moving to this mobile friendly version.
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CALENDAR 2021 congratulations!

Oh wow!  I am so pleased looking at all the gorgeous calendar photos for the coveted 2021 DoodleKisses!  Congratiulations to each and everyone who's furbaby(s) were chosen.  So much thought and hard work from Adina putting these together for all of us to enjoy!  If anyone wants to know why their photo was not featured, Adina says you can e-mail her and she will let you know.  I am thinking the photography group would also be happy to help and if you didn't get your darlin' featured this year,…

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1 Reply · Reply by Laurie, Wally & Charlotte Oct 14, 2020

Photoshop Troll

Some of you migh be familiar with this guy James who does comical things when people request free photoshop work from him.  You can google more, but here is one series of hilarious photoshopping responses:   https://bigglobaltravel.com/trends/photoshop-troll-strikes-fb/

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1 Reply · Reply by DJ & Chance Oct 14, 2020