i AM HOPING WE GET SOME FOLKS THAT WILL PARTICIPATE IN SHOWING THE PHOTOS THEY WANT TO SUBMIT AND GETTING SOME FEEDBACK.  I AM THINKING SERIOUSLY OF THESE PHOTOS SO FAR FOR SKADI AND ELLI 2021 DOODLE KISSES CALENDAR!  Sorry there are 2 of #6 and #8 comes before #7...but I was having an awful time trying to download these...it took me 3-4 tries before it would download.  So don't give up when you are downloading your photos...Thank-you all...looking forward to seeing some cute pictures!7640727654?profile=RESIZE_710x7640766467?profile=RESIZE_710x7640781694?profile=RESIZE_710x7640796053?profile=RESIZE_710x7640798693?profile=RESIZE_710x7640815476?profile=RESIZE_710x7640815476?profile=RESIZE_710x7640858088?profile=RESIZE_710x7640836475?profile=RESIZE_710x

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    I love my black dog and take lots of pictures of her but I always seem to lose her eyes.  I am also not sure about the leash and I dont know how to remove it from the picture.  Any help or input is appreciated!!

    • I can help if I have original, full size files.  Contact me via DK email and I will send you an email address wherre you can send the files.

  • Anyone good with photoshop and can help me with removing hair from eyes and a leash/collar on a couple of photos? It would be much appreciated!!

    • I can try if you send me original full size images.  I'll send you an address via DK email.

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    • Amazing!  Cute kids!

    • This is a picture of my Golden Doodle Ginger (in the middle) her best friend and buddy Paco is to her left. She was at the sitters house. It's amazing how all the doodles packed up. Ginger is the youngest of the bunch. 

    • A great shot!

  • I have a lovely image of Wally taken with my iPhone X in HDR mode. 

    I've tried to submit it for the calendar, but apparently it's too small. 

    Is there a way for me to resize it so that it's large enough to be used?

    Does it matter if it was shot on HDR mode? 


    • I would be glad to take a look at this if you send me the original file.

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