2022 Calendar Photos

There is not much action here in the photography group, or even on Doodlekisses anywhere. That makes me sad! My Doodles are growing up and I always found comfort and great advice here with the discussions we had that were SO unlike those on Facebook. Anyway, I thought I would post to see if anyone had sent any photos for the calendar this year. I did but it was a struggle to find photos that I thought were good enough. I know we have all had a tough couple of years but hopefully, with God's grace, it will all get better soon. I hope everyone was able to find something. I would hate to see this cherished tradition fade away! I thorougly enjoy the process and it makes me think about every photo I take all year long when I pick up my camera. It gives me something to strive for year after year. This calendar is what has made me a much better photographer than I was when I joined DK 10 years ago, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement! Here are the photos I submitted.



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  • Yes, I admit I seldom visit DK site anymore. 11 years ago I was stalking it every day. I'm friends with some of the old-timers on FB where I can see their doodles grow up, so I seldom come here. But yes, I try to sumbit some pictures every year, yet it does not feel the same. Many of the doodles we knew and loved are gone now and the rest is getting up there in the age.

    Beautiful images, both Lori and Joani!

  • I submitted photos also this year!  I try NEVER to miss and love taking pictures of the girls all year round, trying to get snow pictures, summer pictures, fall and spring pictures.  Here are the ones we submtted.  Now the nail biting wait to see if our darlings make the 'coveted' DOODLEKISSES calendar!  Good luck to all that submitted their hard work!


  • Lori, Your pictures are wonderful.  I particularly like the overlook image as well as the wildflower meadow shot.  I don't see how you can get all three doodles in one shot.

    I did not submit any photos as I don't have a doodle.   Andy is a Standard Poodle and at 10.5 months is a real handful.  Smartphone shots only.

    I am sorry to see the direction DK has gone.  I do check in every  day but see very little happening.  I really miss TPG and the sharing of knowledge of photography and seeing everyone's images.  What I learned there has greatly improved my photography.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.  Your images are great.

    • Thank you so much Anne! You are very sweet! Mr Haley's loss was a big one and I am sure glad that you have Andie to bring your heart to life again. 

      I really miss TPG too and all the rest of it. It was such a wonderful time in our lives when we all connected. I hope someday people will come back. FB is a really nasty place most days . 

  • Oh how I LOVE this time of year when we get to submit gorgeous photos of our furbabies.  I agree with you Lori...I love the calendar and use them to write in all my appointments and believe me as me and the girls get older we have A LOT of them so it's a wonderful calendar with big areas for notes!  Not to mention that the calendars make great gifts for Christmas!  Your photos are superb as always.  My favorite are the red truck and the red caboose pictures...then the rest are so adorable!  You've come a long way baby! 

    • I think we all learned a lot from this group!

      Your shots are excellent! Hard to pick just one...so I wont! I LOVE the photo of Elli in the snow as well as the blue sky shot! MZy other favorites are the bottom right of both girls and Skadi's Christmas pic.

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