Altering Pixels or DPI??

Okay smart doodle pawrents hoping you can help a girl out with a non-doodle photo submission?  

I have 3 pictures I was considering but not sure if the pixels and dpi's can be altered to meet their requirements?

2 pictures are 2048 and 1536 pixels with 96 dpi and the other is 4036 and 2268 pixels with 72 dpi?

here are their requirements:

Photograph specifications: Each photograph must be in digital format between 8 - 20 megapixels (minimum 2550 x 3300 pixels). No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Contest.  All photographs must be high resolution (300dpi - 600dpi) JPEG or .jpg.  Please note that photographs need not be taken with a digital camera: scans of negatives or transparencies are acceptable. Photographs that fail to meet these specifications will automatically be disqualified.




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  • Are these cropped? I love these photos, and can see why you would enter them into a contest, but I don't think you can increase pixel size unless you could clone? a whole new section onto the photos (perhaps). I don't have a clue about cloning, I am just making it sound like I have a brain :-}.

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