Everyone loves seeing before and afters. Me included! But I don't want this to be just a show and tell. My goal is that this is a place for us to learn. 

Editing is such a complex subject and we are all at such different levels of experience. I think it's best to learn by doing. So if you share and ask questions and are open to constructive criticism I think it could be a fun month!

This month's assignment: 
Show a before and after.

1. The before should be the straight out-of-camera, uncropped, unadjusted image.

2. The after is your final image.

3. Explain your process. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS STEP.  If you had problems or are struggling with something, I will help you. If you want to share a tip that you use in editing all the time, or explain the process you go through, that's great and we can all learn.

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  • Oh thank goodness :) 

  • Thanks so much. I have had situations where I’ve needed a solution like this and yours came out perfectly. Seeing the steps helps so much. And I am at least the second person who didn’t know this so you are not alone :) 

  • I have been pretty busy the last few weeks. I have not photographed Georgia is such a long time, maybe this weekend. I did take a dog studio photography workshop 2 weeks ago that was just amazing. And I photographed a friend's horses last Sunday. Horses: totally out of my comfort zone as I have only been on a horse 2 times in my life.

    I have been working on improving my editing. I feel I always have so much to learn. My personal nemesis is masking fur and hair. I still haven't mastered it and it takes me too long. 

    The dog workshop was by Diane of Fog Dog studios. My biggest take away, well one of them, was seeing her photos printed large and hanging on her walls. We need to be printing more. They were breathtaking.

    The first was a photo of 3 pugs. The background was proving very hard to work with for me so I masked it out. 
    Before: (I did photograph the couch separately)
    3367084680?profile=originalNote the heavy green cast on their underside. I've modified my approach to fixing these things. The "add magenta" to a separate layer and brushing it in on the mask kind of works. But I found a method that also works well, or in combination. Create a new layer and fill it with the non-green color nearby. Set the layer mode to "color" create a mask and fill it with black and paint over the green areas with a soft white brush.
    Here is the final image...Once I spent hours fixing everything I played with a few color ideas and ended up with this.
    The second image from that same day:

    Before: I placed the dog on the sofa. Luckily the masking was not that hard. Because there is nothing but the couch in green it was easy to just use hue/saturation and change it to any color I wanted.
    3367084636?profile=originalAnd horses:

    This one was quite a learning experience. Let's just say hours....I loved the photo but had no control over the background and wanted to see if I could pull the horse away from the fence a little. Masking was really hard. I'm finding I need to use brushes and just paint back in some of the hair when it is too hard to separate. So learning brushes. I found some free smoke brushes online, so I added extra dust for more separation.
    I needed to extend the background as I cropped it too tight. 
    3367084838?profile=originalHere is one more from that day that was a little easier:
    I just added extra area at the top, adjusted the exposure and painted in a little extra dust. (it was one of the first shots so my exposure was very off)


    • First of all, if those are not French Bulldogs, I will eat one of Fudge's hats :) I love all of your edited versions. The black dog on the teal couch is my favorite. I LOVE the color scheme of that one. Pull a horse away from the fence...OMD...that sounds so time consuming. I would have to go back and just ask the horse to run further from the fence :) The three Frenchies on the couch is super. All three dogs looking at the camera, the colors...would make a beautiful canvas. 

    • I think you did all of these fabulously well. I did not understand what you meant by the “non green nearby.” Did you mean of the pugs belly that wasn’t green? Could you possibly demo this step? 

    • I love the final color selection for the three pugs--and I will try you new technique!  The horse is beautiful, love the light through the dust.

    • Just realize that I violated one of my own rules about only dogs. So sorry.

  • and taking into account some critiques I got about bubbles and removing the stand. It's more about the hat, so I am not as sure about the bubbles.


    • Just adorable, Laurie.

    • This is so much fun. I love your props and the bubbles are a great addition.

      And Vern looks happy! I'm impressed that both of your dogs are now very happy models.

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