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Will there be a DoodleKisses Calendar this year?  The year is almost half over!  Wow...Fall pictures, Winter Pictures, and now summer!  Anyone interested in showing some photos they want submitted...IF there is a calling for a calendar????  Personally I LOVE my doodle calendars.  Here's a picture of Elli.  And a shot of Skadi at Christmas.  Both girls are getting older...Elli is 11 1/2 and Skadi is turning 10 next month.  Skadi had to have cruciate ligament surgery this past January...second stifle both are repaired now.  I've been out practicing over the past year...hopefully I've become somewhat better.  Fun taking photos my girls - cute picture after cute picture.6180788267?profile=RESIZE_710x6180972885?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • So, Adina said something about a 2021 calendar on FB. I don't even know if this meets the size requirements, and it's not as fancy as all of yours. But would you look at this and see if it maybe could go in the calendar? I love my Maggie girl. 7508641893?profile=original

    • Ok, that didn't work.

    • Stacy, can you post it again? Use the icon 2nd from the left on the top of the text box. If you put your mouse over it, it says "Image". It looks like a mountain range photo.


    • 7515283863?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • It is very nice but I agree about the names.

    • Awe...Maggie is gorgeous!  I agree with Lori, you would have to clean it up a little.  Also I think that Adina put the calendar requirements on fb...and they can be found on this site also.  Phone photos would probably loose a lot of their resolution when enlarged.

    • This is a nice photo but you might want to photoshop (or get some help)the names off of the bricks and plaque. I don't think it would be chosen like that. I do not do photoshop but there are usually some very helpful people in this group who are willing to help. I don't know about the size. Is this an iphone photo? Some of them can be large enough but not always.

    • Apparently iphones are saving photos as .heic now. I need to see if I can turn it into something that works with the forum.

  • BEAUTIFUL photos of these two!!! I think that most of DK has simply moved on to instagram and Facebook. Thats really a shame! I loved this site because everyone is so much nicer to each other. I vote for another calendar!

  • So...getting BOTH these darlings in a decent picture is always challenging.  Then again, I know many folks that have more than 2 doodles that do a terrific job getting those sweeties to behave.  Me, I struggle...whether it be a hotdog reward or not, the girls are in their own world it seems and they have very little to do with me and that 'black box' in front of my face.  I got pretty lucky with this fall shot...didn't have to do a lot of editing.  I see they could've used a trim around the eyes. HA.  I also still have trouble getting rid of the green cast so I would definitely be asking for help if I submitted this one.  How's everyone doing?  Any cute pictures to share?6275705676?profile=RESIZE_930x

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