CALENDAR 2021 congratulations!

Oh wow!  I am so pleased looking at all the gorgeous calendar photos for the coveted 2021 DoodleKisses!  Congratiulations to each and everyone who's furbaby(s) were chosen.  So much thought and hard work from Adina putting these together for all of us to enjoy!  If anyone wants to know why their photo was not featured, Adina says you can e-mail her and she will let you know.  I am thinking the photography group would also be happy to help and if you didn't get your darlin' featured this year, we can all help you work on next year!  As for me, I am already getting my Fall photos together because it will be too late when next year's deadline comes around!  I take photos all year round and if I think any of them are worthy of the calendar, I put them in a special folder.  Happy 'shooting'!  These two photos made the calendar  Skadi in January and Elli in December!  I am so honored.8032679475?profile=RESIZE_710x8032680656?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • What wonderful photos of your Elli and Skadi! I agree that Adina's choices this year represent the gamut of doodles in terms of appearance, mix and age. I am especially partial to the handsome boy who will be featured on the cover of the Labradoodles Calendar ;o). Your suggestion to take photographs all year round is a good one. I'd add that for me, just keeping my camera out and available encourages me to take more pictures.  

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