DSLR Users: Shooting in Manual?

I had someone send me a message asking for info about how to use your dSLR and shoot in manual mode (meaning you control the settings of the camera, rather than shooting in automatic mode, where the camera decides everything for you).If you have a dSLR, the main reason you'd want to shoot in manual mode is to go without a flash when possible, for a more natural look (and no golden eyes), or you may want to control the depth of field (how the background of a photos blurs slightly). Using the built-in flash on your camera can not only wash out your subject and create some unnatural highlights, but it also tends to cast harsh shadows in your images.Here's a few examples of photos taken when shooting in manual:

A couple of people:

If there are enough dSLRs users here, and you think it would be helpful, I'd be happy to write a tutorial and answer questions if I can. I just don't want to spend the time doing it if no one is interested in reading it, or if you don't think it would be useful.

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  • I know this info was shared quite a long time ago but I love reading these things and learning.  Also, great photos.
  • This is great! I just got my first DSLR for Christmas (I Have a REAL camera now...woohoo!) and am excited to learn all I can, but get kind of lazy about reading the actual manual. Any real life stories/explanations you can share is great!
  • That's very generous of you. I too am very interested. I purchased a Canon Rebel XS IS in Aug and have since even purchased additional lenses. But, I'm shooting mostly in auto rapid sequence modes. I must say by luck or camera the pictures are pretty good a few are actually awesome. I have none on my site because i haven't been able to put a photo there since the means of doing so was changed!!!!! and I've tried and tried
    YES I would follow you everyday
    Thanks Paula
  • Thank you! I am using matrix metering, so the whole scene is taken into consideration. I guess I will experiment this winter with different adjustments. I don't have a post-processing program yet. Looking into Lightroom 2, or Elements 8.
    Haven't tried shooting in RAW yet, but eventually will try it.

  • Thanks for all of the replies!

    I am going to start writing a series probably. I just have to figure out where to start so it applies to as many people as possible.
  • Ryan, I would definitely be interested in any tutorials you could offer with DSLRs. I always shoot in Auto (mostly b/c of just laziness on my part!) and I think my photos suffer b/c of it. If I could more easily "grasp" some of the manual settings I think it would be more fun and my photos would improve.
    Thanks for your help!!
  • Oh wow. I would love to know what settings you used when you shot the close up of the Doodle's eye. That is a gorgeous photo. I would love to be able to shoot one like that and blow it up and hang in on my wall.
  • Glad people are asking challenging questions and thanks for your in depth answers, Ryan.To me my dogs eyes are their most expressive and beautiful features and you do such great close ups of eyes. Something to aspire towards.
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