I have a problem with getting the same old pose with Darwin...The reason for this is the only way I can think of to get him to sit still is to get him to sit. Any advice on getting interesting still shots of your dogs? Fun poses, etc. would be welcome. Also, any advice on getting clear action shots with a point and shoot?

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  • this is a truly georgeous dog wish I could have 1 of every colour I think it is a nice shot may not be pro but looks good to me
    • I actually don't really mind the leash, I am not trying to take professional or formal looking photos in any way, just casual candids of Darwin. The leash just makes him look more like we snapped some photos on a walk or something... which is kind of what I am going for. My problem is that he moves too much to take any photos that aren't sitting shots. I have had the same thing where if I crouch down he tries to come to me... I will have to work on his training. And perhaps be a little quicker so I can catch more action shots!
    • He is really a beauty and very photogenic.
  • Haha. This trickiest part of photographing dogs is getting the dogs to behave. :)

    Here's a couple suggestions:

    1. Try getting lower. We're all guilty of taking the camera and pointing it down while shooting pics of our dogs. Try getting down to his level and shooting straight forward. This will give you a more natural shot of him.

    2. Always have the camera nearby and ready to go. Try getting some unposed shots of him chewing, sleeping etc. In the years to come, you'll remember the goofy moments more than the posed, so try to capture some of those moments too.
    • I really agree w/Ryan- getting lower is the key. I will go belly down on the grass to get interesting perspective shots. I also keep my camera "at the ready" and nearby - you never know when a Kodak moment will catch you off guard. If I don't have my DSLR around, my point and shoot is almost always nearby, and worst case scenario, there is always the camera in my Blackberry!
    • If I crouch down, Ned usually comes!!!! LOL
      1. My amateur "secret" to getting good shots is not doing it by myself. My husband or son have helped with the best shots because they can "pose" Ned and be there to catch him if he doesn't stay.
      2. I have finally bought a collar and have NO tags on it. Now I need to find an "invisible" leash. I usually try blurring it out but I am not always successful.
      3. As to poses, I try to look for the odd background and to have fun. We have Ned with signs - Slow, No Dogs on the Grass, No Dogs Allowed, Fish Company. We also have him on playground equipment, at the beach, mountains etc. I want snow, but don't live by any and DH doesn't drive in the snow (serious accident when putting on chains when he was young). I also want Ned in the forground with his Whippet cousins racing in the background but I think that is a photoshop job that I am not up to yet.
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