Interesting APP for photography

Have you ever wanted to shoot a sunrise or sunset in back of or near a specific point?

I learned about this APP when I wanted to shoot the moon rising behind the San Diego City Skyline from Coronado Island across San Diego Bay/  Of course, I had a general idea of where the moon was going to rise but, I needed help to position my viewpoint exactly where I wanted; so that the moon was rising behind the buildings in which I was interested.  I missed the spot and did not get the shot that I wanted.

I wanted to position myself so that I could capture the moon would be rising between these two buildings...

I missed the shooting location and the moon came up from behind a very uninteresting cluster of industrial buildings...

Then I learned about a very neat application which can be used on iPhones or just about any other mobile device:

With this APP you can find the position of moon rise or set as well as sunrise or set for any location in comparison with where you are shooting from.  Rather than explain all about this very handy APP, I will supply a link to a YouTube Video about the APP...

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