• Yesterday we rode through Big Woods State Forest in Sussex County  There had been a recent controled burn.

    Underbrush in woods.

    3367078106?profile=originalAfter a controlled burn. Under brush is scorched.

    3367078156?profile=originalFinal results - no underbrush.


    • What a wonderful series, and the light in the third one is especially beautiful.

    • Darn! My reply disappeared. I said that when I saw the second photo I was sad but when I saw the third one I was enchanted all over again. I loved your series of three. 

    • When I saw the second photo, I was sad but when I saw the third I was enchanted all over. How they can do this is amazing! The three photo series was wonderful. 

    • It s a mystery how they manage the control these burns but I know they sometimes do start an out of control blaze. Interesting shots.

  • It is a beauty, and I love the atmosphere you have captured.
  • A cold front came through yesterday. The willow tree is one that we planted from a rooted cutting some 22 years ago. 

    3367078123?profile=originalTrying out my new 12mm lens.


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