Trying new concepts or looking at an old subject in a new way can jump start our creativity and take our photography to a new level. So this month's assignment is about trying new things. 

The Assignment
Go to a location of your choice and take as many photos as you can that are different. This month it is about variety rather than perfecting that one image. I want you to post a photo from that shoot below that you like, and that is a new or different approach for you personally and to share your experience with this assignment. 

Take the list of ideas below with you and see how many of them you can do in one location. There are countless ways to mix and match them. If you have ideas to add to the list they are welcome too, but I would prefer they be about taking the photograph rather than a photoshop effect

The 360 view
Take a 360 degree trip with your dog! With your dog at the center of a circle (like the sun) and you on the outside (like a planet) move yourself around the complete circle but with your dog rotating to face you the entire time. Your light and your background will change and it can give some unexpected light and viewpoints.

Focal length and aperture
wide angle, telephoto depth of field --blurred background vs crisp background

sitting, standing, lying down, rolling in the grass or snow
full body, 3/4 body, close up of face
profile, 3/4 view, straight on, view from the back

shooting from a bird's eye view looking down
shooting from a very low angle looking up

high key, low key, silhouette

I asked DJ and Chance to test out this assignment and it was helpful to fine tune. She came up with quite a variety in a very short time frame. My hope is that it gave her some new ideas that she can build upon in future outings.


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  • I go to NC soon and won't be able to devote much time to answering stuff, so I think I will wait until I get back.

  • One more...Finn, with me, at March for Our Lives proves he knows how to "duck and cover" ... he got a little "space" and strength for himself for a minute before he resumed his tail-wagging therapy dog outreach.  I turned the camera down and just shot at my feet. 

  • Thanks Laurie! Your work with lighting (and hats) is amazing!
    • Thanks, Cheryl. I am going to start a lighting discussion soon, I swear!

  • Thanks Nancy! I hadn't thought of putting dozens of Finn's into the snow shot :) Love it! Part of my challenge is to get Finn to show some different/happier expressions. He tends to stick to me like velcro. (And I don't know why DK is putting my responses in the wrong place. Oh well, just go with it!)
  • Thanks DJ. Believe me, the light comes in small "moments" here. So jealous of your gorgeous golden CA light!
  • Enjoying all of the "new perspectives" this month.  Here are a few that I've taken of Finn over the past week or so.  Less than perfect - I've been having some issues with focus, and in a couple that nose is just too darn close-- but in the spirit of different perspectives, I'll post them.  As soon as it dries out a bit we want to try some shots from the ground. Pretty soggy still.

    Snow. We attempted a walk and obviously Finn thought this was not the best idea. Taken with my iPhone.





    3367077465?profile=original3367077418?profile=originalThis one was taken at daybreak with very little light when I normally wouldn't even try a shot..but turns out I really like the feel of it.  The reflection in the woods is actually a pond.3367077393?profile=original

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