Monthly Assignments


December Assignment    Portraits

November Assignment     Indoors

October Assignment        Editing

September Assignment    Calendar Photos

August Assignment          Action

July Assignment             Midsummer Nights

June Assignment            Tonal Values

May Assignment             Black and White

April Assignment             Framing

March Assignment          Shutter Speed

February Assignment      Composition

January Assignment       Aperture


December Assignment Portraits

November Assignment     Everyday Objects

October Assignment Fall

August-September Assignment Calendar

July Assignment              Water Doodles

June Assignment             Lighting and Shadows

May Assignment              Anything Goes

April Assignment            Macro

March Assignment         Art Photos

February Assignment    Childhood Photos

January Assignment    10 Minute Rule


January Assignment    Different Perspectives

February Assignment   Exposure

March Assignment      Spring Into Action

April Assignment        Water In All It's Guises

May Assignment Flowers

June Assignment Comparing dSLRs to P& S cameras

July Assignment   Patiotism

    Bonus July Assignment Circle in a Square

August Assignment  Repeating Patterns

September Assignment  Home Surroundings

October Assignment   Fall Landscapes and Spontaneity

November Assignment Things We Are Thankful For

December Assignment Potpourri


January Assignment    Before And After

February Assignment  Lots of Color

March Assignment      Tell a Story

April Assignment        Spring and Spring Stories

May Assignment         Doodles and ....

June Assignment        Signs of Summer

July Assignment         Water and Colors

August assignment     Portraits of Strangers

September Assignment Architecture

October Assignment        Fall Light

November Assignment   Gratitude and Empty Space.

December Assignment   Lights and Surprises


January Assignment     Nests

February Assignment   Shadows and Light

March Assignment        Unique Perspectives

April Assignment           Spring

May Assignment           Hodgepodge

June Assignment          Backlighting

July Assignment            Dog Days of Summer

August Assignment-September      Doodles (calendar photos)

October Assignment         Octorber Is.....

November Assignment         Weather

December Assignment   Let there Be Light


January Assignment   Whimsy and Imagination

February Assignment  Red, Hot, Cold or Different

MarchAssignment  Before and after

April Assignment The greening of the World

May Assignment WTD?

June Assignment  Water

July Assignment   Flowers and Their Friends, Bees and Butterflies

August Assignment Backlit &/or Black and White

September discussion  Vacation

October discussion  Fall and Editing

November Discussion  Perspective

December Discussion   Seeing Through Things


January Assignment  Monkey Business

February Assignment  Love

March Assignment Early Signs of Spring

April Assignment Mother Earth

May Assignment   Doodles at Play and Rest

June Assignment  Summer Light

July Assignment  Water

August Assignment   Heat and Cooling Off

September Assignment Potential  Calendar Photos

October Assignment   Fall Colors and Sights

November Assignment   Thankful and Long Exposures

December assignment  Holidays and Depth of Field


January Assignment   What's New?

February Assignment  Street Scenes

March Assignment  Life

April Assignment  Spring

May Assignment  Containers

June Assignment   Sun and Textures

July Assignment   What I Love about My Country


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