• I have so many favorite things that I could go on for days mentioning them.  However, one of my absolute favorites is to see dogs whom we have rescued happy and well cared for in their new homes.  

    Katie, a Poodle + Bichon, was adopted by Vince four years ago.  Every year Vince puts up Christmas lights for his neighbors and buys dog beds for our rescue with the money he is paid...

    Katie always looks beautiful when she accompanies her best buddy when he brings the dog beds to our house...

    • What a wonderful home Katie ended up in.  It is so rewarding for you to realize that you got that match going.

    • Vince sounds like a great guy!! So glad Katie found a great home!

  • These are beautiful images of your doodles.
    • Thank you.
  • Of course I could not let this month go by without these two favorites.



  • One of my favorite things to do is finding old houses to photograph and edit.  This one from Sunday.


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