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    • This is another cute shot...unfortunately...with the dog on the right, the sun and shading might pose a problem.  I am very limited with my editing skills but if you reach out to Laurie Arnold or DJ.  I am willing, once again to try if you send me the original

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    • This is a cute picture of your sweetie.   If you email this to me I can see what I can do...whether I can make it 'Calendar Worthy" or not is up to Adina. email the full size ...I will do what I can!


    • Would you be able to assist me in removing hair from eye on a couple photos as well as a leash/collar? 

    • Did you get some help Brittney?  I have been camping and had no access to internet ... so I am just seeing this comment.  If you still need help, e-mail your photo to me at and I will see what I can do.  You need to e-mail the original that you plan to submit.  

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