The Canon D60, as far as I can figure out, was the third DSLR. and second APSC sensor DSLR, introduced by Canon. The first was the APSC D30 which was introduced in 2000 and was followed by the APSH sensor 1D which was introduced in late 2001. The D30 was replaced by the D60 in 2002. 

The D30 and D60 DSLR cameras should not be confused with the later 30D and 60D cameras which were introduced a lot later in the Canon DSLR time frame. Although this was a crop sensor (1.6x) APSC camera, like the Canon, APSC sensor 10D, which followed in in 2003, it could not mount EF-S lenses, only EF glass.

However, despite being an "ancient" camera (in the time-line of DSLR gear) this camera can capture very decent imagery and has many of the features of the newer DSLR cameras. I had this camera converted to full-time infrared about ten years ago and have gotten some very decent captures using it.

My strategy was to concentrate on what the camera could still do, rather than on the camera itself. Folks might be put off at a 15-year old DSLR with a 6.3 mp sensor. However that size sensor can produce quite decent prints of 11x14 inches and possibly larger while the included images show that I keep my gear in very clean shape...

Since I am in the process of getting a Sony NEX-6 converted to IR in order to get a lightweight IR camera that will work seamlessly with my Sony e-mount glass. The D60 camera is now on eBay. I did the photography using a light tent.

BTW: When shooting large numbers of images for Bay/craigslist sales. Using a light tent is a very quick way to facilitate shooting the images. While, you can obviously do a better job setting up the lighting for individual pieces of gear, there are very few ways to shoot a wide range of gear that quickly and easily. I have two light tents (one smaller and one larger) they cost me less than twenty dollars each on eBay and I light the products with two very old White Lightning studio strobes (although basically any lighting can be used) and I shoot with a Canon 100mm f/2.8 (non-L) macro lens (in this case also, virtually any camera/lens can be used - even a smartphone).

Each of the tents come with three colored background drops (red, black and blue) and you have a plain white background without using any of the colored drops. You can, of course, substitute lengths of any type or color fabric for the supplied backdrop material. I would normally have used my smaller light tent for the cameras/lenses I was selling; except that some of the items that I was shooting that day were quite big, so I opted to use the larger tent. As I mentioned, speed is really necessary attribute when shooting large numbers of eBay items, exceptionally creative photography takes a second place (IMO) to speed of shooting. Like the old saying, "Time is money!"

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