Photos of Dogs

Any dog will do but especially doodles. They can be doing anything or nothing at all. But they should be current and favorites of yours. They should be special in some way, whether they just please you or they are technically perfect or imperfect but not just one of the thousands we all take often. New photos please.

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  • Otis and I went to the Metro Richmond Zoo this past weekend where we found Kumbali and Kago:
    (DISCLAIMER: These images were shot through a very dirty plexiglass.)




    3624737603?profile=RESIZE_930xKumbali and Kago

    3624746299?profile=RESIZE_930xTheir story.  Please read.

    Kumbali and Kago, Cheetah Cub and Puppy Friendship
    Watch this YouTube video of Kumbali and his puppy friend, Kago.   Well, let us tell you more of their story. But first, a little background informati…
  • My daughter's rescue: Duke the Mini-Doodle...

    • Adorable, Richard.  Does he have Bichon in him also?  I love those little Charlie Chaplin out-turned feet.

    • Duke isdorable,

  • Richard and Judy - thank you for your big hearts that have fostered and continue to foster so many dogs.  

    • Yes, indeed!

    • Thanks Maryann...

      Judy and I get a lot of pleasure out of our rescue efforts.  It's better than laying back and watching Judge Judy on T.V.

      Here are two more Shih Tsu rescues...



  • 3367120250?profile=original

    • Love the black dog's portrait. His eyes must melt many hearts just in passing.

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